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Experience a seamless transition into the new normal of hybrid work model with MultiCo

As Singapore transitions into the new endemic phase, where the country eases COVID curbs, work-from-home arrangements will continue to remain the default, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). With more people working from home for prolonged periods of time, the impact it has on our mental health has become increasingly evident. The 24/7 National Care Hotline, set up shortly after Singapore went into its Circuit Breaker lockdown in April 2020, received close to 28,000 calls within five months of its establishment. Similarly, a 42% increase in helpline calls was also reported by the Samaritans of Singapore. As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, many employees have expressed their wish for a hybrid model of working from home.

Enter MultiCo – a Singapore-based remote working firm founded in 2020 who specialises in matching office workers, salespeoples and entrepreneurs with under-utilised tables and desks in a myriad of venues. Determined to take remote working one step further, MultiCo creates an alternative for employers looking to incorporate hybrid working into their work culture. With a monthly membership credit system, members will be able to get access to over 40 conducive venues island wide ranging from meeting rooms, workspaces such as The Common Ground, food and beverage venues like Cafe Melba branches to wellness options including Zen Academy.

Apart from the attractive offerings and its flourishing membership size, Multico has also gained the recognition of Singapore’s Best Employer of 2021, Google. Endorsed as a “Perk At Work” platform for Google, MultiCo offers Google’s employees an extensive range of benefits such as fitness and wellness programs as well as discounted rates for working at their partner venues – keeping them both physically and mentally healthy!

With plans for international expansion, MultiCo seeks to establish itself as a global player in the industry in the near future.

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