Sweety Pants’ Gold Series are the nappies that your child needs

Better fit is only just the beginning of the game changer for baby diapers from Sweety Pants. There are many a times where parents can be heard lamenting about leakages in diapers due to poor absorbency rate, babies getting uncomfortable due to the tightness of the diapers, allergic reactions resulting in nappy rashes, etc. And one of the most common unfulfilled lists for parents, is to have a pants diaper that could change everything! From getting the baby to be comfortable in their own pants diapers, instead of tapes to having better fit for prevention and minimization of leakages, Sweety Pants has it all covered in their Gold series.

Launched in 2003, leading diaper brand, Sweety, released a wide range of diapers to meet their little consumers’ needs. Inspired by babies and developed for babies, its latest series introduces Sweety Gold in their pants version, providing the ultimate comfort for the littles ones. With a commitment to always produce high quality products, Sweety was awarded the Mom’s Choice Brand for Smart Indonesian Mothers by Kartini Magazine in 2012 & 2013.

Sweety Gold Pants version is available in sizes ranging from S to XXL, and they are

  • Clinically proven by Australian Dermatologists
  • Made from Japan technology
  • Is Halal certified – they do not use anything derived from any animal or banned source, making it safe for use
  • Free from BPA and chlorine, making it the experts’ choices for mothers and babies.

Sweety Gold Pants is Sweety’s FIRST signature diaper product that uses their Diamond Layer technology and the only diaper with a diamond texture surface. The Diamond Layer technology is a diamond-patterned coating technology that can absorb urine quickly and keep the surface in contact with the baby skin’s dry. It reduces skin to diaper contact by 50%, reducing the risk of urine coming into contact with the baby’s skin, distributes and absorbs urine quickly. Sweety Gold Pants is the only overnight pants diaper in the series, which also prevents leak and ensure the baby is comfortable all night, providing the little ones with a deep restful sleep. It also comes with a Slim Comfort Design, making it a more comfortable wear, along with a cotton-like top layer that touches the baby’s skin softly.

Additionally, it is also the only series with a Wetness Indicator with disposable tape with practical adhesive to roll up the diaper after use. The Sweety Gold Pants comes with a 360° leak guard protection to prevent leaks even when the baby is at play, 360° extra stretchable and soft waistband that hugs the baby’s waist delicately and does not leave any red marks on their skin. It also contains a natural aloe vera moisturizer layer to protect the baby’s skin from dryness and irritation.

The Sweety Gold Pants is retailing for S$28.95 and is available in:

  • Small Size – 42 pieces, suitable for 0 – 6 months old
  • Medium Size – 60 pieces, suitable for 4 – 20 months old
  • Large Size – 54 Pieces, suitable for 16 months – 3 years old
  • Extra Large Size – 44 Pieces, suitable for 3 – 4 years old
  • Extra Extra Large Size – 40 Pieces, suitable for 4 years and above

Sweety’s diapers are available for purchase at:

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