Beyond exercising and eating healthy, 2021 has been branded as the year of self-care and healing. As we enter the third quarter of the year, it is never too late to pick yourself up and prioritise yourself this September. If you haven’t already been doing so, here are some ways to put your wellness first with carefully curated products from Ante and BHG, designed to relax the mind and heal the soul.

A Good Night’s Sleep for a Happier You

Have you heard that HPB is rewarding you to sleep more? We’ve got some nifty gadgets to help you snag those vouchers while improving the quality of your snoozes. Launching on in October, the Aurai and Morphee gadgets are essential to a valuable doze-off.

Sleep is the key to your body’s wellness plan. Aurai’s Vision Plus is a cool and warm water-propelled eye massager that was designed just for you to relax. With 7 scenario modes, including “Relax” after a long day and “Panda” to combat your dark circles, this eye mask is here for your every need. Its warm and cool compress choices along with 4 massage vibration modes will suit anyone’s preference. You can even bring it anywhere you go, thanks to the slim body and Type-C compatible charging port that works great with a power bank. If you’re not into the cool compress, the Aurai EM05 Rio Plus offers only the warm option for some cosy comfort.

Morphee is a sleep aid for insomnia and anxiety, and a meditation device to set your mind at ease. There are over 200 sessions of guided meditation, heart coherence, relaxing music, and nature sounds that were designed by sleep professionals where you can also choose your preferred voice and duration to suit your needs. What makes Morphee special is that it is non-digital, preventing distractions, waves, and screens. Running on battery power with a removable wooden beech cover, you can bring Morphee anywhere to take a quick power nap or a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking for a child-friendly version with meditation sessions tailored to young minds, Mon Petit Morphee is the child counterpart to Morphee, where your little one can choose an animal guide and a different universe to travel to each session. Prepare your loved ones for bedtime, or simply allow them to calm down during the day with Mon Petit Morphee. Better sleep for you and your family means happiness for all.

A Breath of Fresh Air

An essential step of taking care of yourself is breathing in clean, purified air. Aurabeat’s portable air purifier has streamlined air outlets to ensure effective air circulation, a 3-speed fan to support different purification needs, and a 4-In-1 efficiency air filter. Its pre-filter intercepts large particles, dust, and hair, and an activated carbon layer removes odour, formaldehyde, and TVOC, altogether effectively eliminating >99.9% of viruses in 30 minutes.


Designed for both your car cup holder and your desktop, this air purifier is easy to use and install, even starting automatically when connected with the car power supply. Keep your air pure and fresh whether you’re at home or out running errands.

A scented candle is exactly what you need to bring your surroundings up a notch. Place Glasshouse Fragrances’ Kyoto in Bloom Soy Candle in a corner of your room and soon the scent of flowers in spring bloom will be wafting around, putting your wellness journey on a great start. Activate calmness and inspiration with top notes of fresh lime, bergamot, and citrus, which blend harmoniously with the middle notes of camellia and lotus of the candle. Head over to to transport yourself to the Zen Temples of Japan in an instant and breathe in this tranquil scent to relax and rejuvenate after a long working day.

Skincare is the Best Care

Treat your skin to only the best. BHG BEAUTY CURATES helps you explore some of SkinCeuticals’ skincare favourites, carefully chosen to be a luscious treat for your skin. The set includes the H.A. Intensifier to improve the visible appearance of firmness and smoothness of skin, CE Ferulic to brighten the complexion, Phyto Corrective that soothes and calms your skin, and Silymarin CF to refine the skin’s texture. Truly a way to incorporate spa living into your nighttime routine.

If you’re looking for an actual spa experience, this set comes with a 30min Oxygen Glow Treatment that you can redeem right at BHG Bugis Level 1, in the SkinCeuticals Facial Cabin. Here you’ll be treated to a 30-minutes facial session in comfort and privacy that is sure to make you walk away with brighter, firmer, and smoother skin. Finally, if you can’t get enough of SkinCeuticals, you’ll also receive a $88 promo code fully redeemable on your next SkinCeuticals purchase. What a way to celebrate your skin!

Already got your skincare products on lock? Simply add a facial roller to the routine to seal in the deal and upgrade your night routine. IREN Skin’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller promises a cooling and depuffing face massage that increases absorption of serums and cream skincare products, promotes circulation, evens skin tone, and improves your skin’s elasticity and lymphatic drainage.  It’s the perfect way to lock in all the goodies you’ve applied on your skin and guarantees a relaxing, gentle face massage to end off your day.

There is always time to take care of yourself. Surf more wellness products on and, and get them delivered to your doorstep with a few simple clicks.


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