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Visang is leveraging technology to bring the Korean learning culture to Singapore and beyond

Award-winning edtech company Visang is helping parents and students beat HBL blues

In the age of a global pandemic, subsequent lockdowns and movement restrictions, children are stuck at home. This is where parents play a crucial role in providing support to their children’s learning experience at home. However, the home-based learning (HBL) model can be unmanageable for parents to monitor their children at all times, especially those who are working from home as they grapple between their work and supervising their children at the same time. 

During this period, edtech companies in Singapore such as Visang, are sprouting up to support parents in enhancing the HBL experience and overcoming learning fatigue for students.

In particular, Visang is bringing proven Korean remote learning methodologies to Singaporean students to provide interactive experiences that sustain engagement.

HBL is increasingly becoming a norm

UNESCO has reported that over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, close to half the world’s students were still affected by partial or full school closures. The cognitive demands of participants increase dramatically with the use of webcam communications. This is severely taxing to one’s attentional control, especially amongst students participating in home-based learning. In Singapore, schools had to shut their gates with 96% of students pursuing home-based learning during the circuit breaker last year.

However, as the pandemic simmered down, schools were reopened only to close again in the month of May, due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. With home-based learning becoming a norm in Singapore, experts have advised that home-based learning comes with a lineup of difficulties for teachers, as well as the students and their parents as they adapt to the new format of learning. 

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing also acknowledged that young children, with their shorter attention spans and need for physical activity, may find virtual learning difficult. As children remain stuck on their computers throughout the day, they require interactivity to stay keen on their educational materials. Parents, on the other hand, were led to scramble for alternative teaching methods to ensure their students are being supported and supervised at the most efficient and optimal level. With that, search trends in Singapore for ‘home based learning’ spiked over 500% in mid May. It is now more important than ever to bring the fun back to school to provide students with an engaging learning experience.

Bringing the Korean learning culture to Singapore and beyond

Enter Visang, an education technology (EdTech) company that utilises a uniquely Korean learning culture via its interactive platform to educate and engage with exciting educational materials. Visang provides a wide range of educational material and platforms such as EliF, englisheye, Math Alive, Wings, Challenge, Action Alphabet and Quiz Monster. Through its interactive and systemized platform with extensive educational materials, the company is dedicated to improving the educational experience one student at a time.

Visang’s products are brimmed with interactive challenges to keep children engrossed in their educational materials. Visang’s remote learning service is specifically designed for group learning, so children can stay interested in their learning materials alongside their peers. The products allow teachers to check and assess the individual students’ learning paths while providing overall classroom activities such as discussions and group works 

Each of its products has unique content and learning materials targeting preschool to primary school students. Visang’s hero platform, AllviA, is unique to Visang’s learning experience producing interactive solutions that utilize smart boards and pads. This digitized educational platform can be used for any subject using any devices. Allvia’s flexibility and convenience aids to bridge the gap between the screens of students and teachers.

Future-proofing education by leveraging technology

With over 1,300 englisheye centres and a record of over 9,600 schools adopting Visang’s textbooks, Visang has already made its mark in the education industry in South Korea. Hoping to take the Korean learning culture global, the company has tried to expand its footprint to Singapore and other countries around the world.

With the road ahead remaining long and uncertain across the world, Visang hopes to provide the all-encompassing solution. As leaders in the global EdTech market, Visang has championed itself as a thriving fix for both learners and teachers in this school-away-from-school era. Additionally, the company has been shortlisted for the “International Digital Educational Resource” of 2021 BETT Awards and was a finalist in “COVID-19 Response Champion Awards – International Initiatives” in BETT Awards.

Striving for a novel learning experience built upon Korean educational pedagogies, Visang continues to elevate remote learning through quality content and innovative technologies.

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