The king of fruits is back and Shopee has prepared a celebration fit for a king to usher in the much anticipated Durian Season! From 9 to 11 June, score mind-blowing deals on your favourite fresh durians and durian snacks during Shopee’s Big Durian Sale*. 

Go ahead, plan that feast and indulge in durian treats in all shapes and forms – whether you’re looking for fresh durians or durian flavoured cakes, love letters and even mochi, Shopee has them all. Reward yourself with the buttery, creamy, and custardy goodness you love for as low as $9.90 and enjoy free shipping for orders $50 and above, ooo-la-la.  

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Fresh Durians
1[Durian Plantation] Durian 400g/1kg Delivery   

$21.80$9.90A picture containing text, fruit, several

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2[Huat Yuann] Fresh Durian Delivery (400g) each$16.90$12.90A plate of sliced bananas

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3300gm MSW Durian Pulps with Seed $30.00$23.90A picture containing indoor, tray, container, plastic

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4[Durian Edition] Bundle Penang Exclusive Fresh Durians (D163 Hu Lu/Capri/Lion King/604 and more) $96.00$88.00A picture containing diagram

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Durian Snacks
5Sunnyhills D24 Durian FORBIDDEN Love Letters$34.10$24.00A picture containing text, indoor

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6Golden Moments x Chu Collagen Bundle of Youth Black Forest Mao Shan Wang Cake$110.80$78.90Graphical user interface, website

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7[EMICAKES GSS] D24 Durian Desire Cake, Delivery/Store Pick Up (Earliest 5 June) $38.80$19.90A picture containing diagram

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8[Gin Thye] Bamboo Charcoal MSW Durian Mochi 100% Pure Mao Shan Wang$54.00$36.00A picture containing text

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9[Durian Edition Musang King Ale (Mao Shan Wang/MSW/Durian Beer) Durian Delivery$89.40$69.90A bottle of beer

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