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Stay home, stay active with Decathlon

With gyms and studios closing down amidst rising cases in Singapore, many of us are disheartened but as responsible citizens we do need to abide by the rules, stay home and do our bit in this fight against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, our workout routines don’t have to cease only because we’re at home. With Decathlon’s amazing products, we can stay home and stay fit.

The brand features home gym essentials for your kind consideration. Whether we choose to replace our usual gym routines with outdoor or indoor exercises, Decathlon has the perfect sports equipment to keep us strong and active without breaking the bank.

For killer washboard abs

CORENGTH Evolving Ab Wheel with Elastic Band Support – S$30.00

CORENGTH’s Evolving Ab Wheel is a Decathlon innovation designed with an adjustable elastic band to optimise your form. This ab wheel is great for both absolute beginners and experienced gym rats. Experts can even use the wheel sans-strap for maximum difficulty. Comes with a mat for extra comfort for your knees.

For a solid upper body workout

DOMYOS Lockable Pull-Up Bar – S$40.00

Compound exercises are the way to go and DOMYOS’s Lockable Pull-Up Bar is an inconspicuous and effective piece to add to your home gym set up. This extendable pull-up bar can hold up to 100kg even when installed without screws, so you don’t have to be afraid of ruining your door frame or falling mid-rep. For a stronger hold, installing the bar with screws allows it to withstand up to 120kg. Available in two lengths, 70cm and 100cm, each individual bar is also adjustable in length, allowing it to fit door frames of any width.

For the runners

KALENJI HB 500 Wireless Bluetooth Music Running Headband – S$30.00

Love music but hate running with earphones? KALENJI’s moisture-wicking Wireless Bluetooth Running Headband allows you to run with music comfortably. Connect your phone to the headband via Bluetooth and you’re good to go! The speakers are located within the headband, resting on instead of in your ears. For easy toggling of your music, volume and pause buttons are located on the side of the headband. It has a battery life of 5 hours and is water and sweat-resistant, so you can run outdoors in peace.

For those who like versatility

DOMYOS Cross-Training Elastic Training Bands – Price varies

Decathlon has a suite of options for those who like weight training too. If dumbbells are too bulky to keep in your home, DOMYOS’ Cross-Training Elastic Training Bands are a more portable alternative. They come in six different resistance levels – 5kg, 15kg, 25kg, 35kg, 45kg and 60kg, perfect for beginners all the way to experts. Domyos’s website has exercises available for newbies to follow along.

For those who prefer bodyweight workouts

DOMYOS Gliding Discs SL 500 – S$15.00

DOMYOS’s Gliding Discs are for those looking to up the difficulty of their calisthenic exercises. Made for both hard and soft surfaces, these discs glide smooth like butter across any surface. The enclosed booklet has a whole slew of exercises that you can try. Lightweight and portable, you can even take them out with you for a change of scenery as you exercise.

All products are available online at decathlon.sg and in-store.

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