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Looking for last-minute gift ideas for your staff? Log on to Giftano now!

Giftano is Singapore’s leading online gifting marketplace where you can purchase giftcards and vouchers for your employees! The best thing, Giftano provides same-day or next-day delivery so purchase and delivery is almost immediate!
  • A new way of gifting in the “new normal”
  • Giftano- Singapore’s leading online gift company launches new 360 gifting marketplace

Giftano, the leading online gifting marketplace in Singapore has launched a new 360 online gifting e-shop expanding its offering to include the totally new Giftano Gifts, an array of great physical gifts. Giftano Gifts is an expansion alongside the established Giftano Gift Cards selection. With this, Singapore will now have its first and only specialised gifting e-commerce marketplace, providing the full gifting experience for both gift- giver and recipient.

Giftano now offers online personalised service throughout the gifting process. As a buyer, you are recommended great gift ideas by Giftano’s newly enhanced search function, regardless of whom the gift is for. Make your purchase with just a click and all items get sent over directly to the recipient speedily, some even on the same day, a true life-saver. All items are beautifully packaged and accompanied by your personal physical greeting card message. The Giftano e-shop ensures the moment of surprise and joy of getting a gift is still there for the recipient, as it should be!

A one-stop place for all your gifting needs

With more than 1000 different gifts from 150+ number of merchants on the platform, customers can purchase anything from dining experience at restaurants like NOX – Dine in the Dark or Michelin Star restaurants such as Burnt Ends & Alma by Juan Amador, to terrarium and leather craft workshops, gift cards from TANGS, Mothercare, Nike, Best Denki and many other brands on top of the newly launched Giftano Gifts.

Jesper Gustafsson, Founder & CEO of Giftano, says, “The new normal reaffirmed the huge demand for online gifting. Customers were routinely requesting that gifts be purchased online for friends and family, and have it prepared as a proper gift with all the trimmings, and then delivered as such. With this new e-shop, Giftano now provides this entire gifting flow, as a one-stop shop for all gifting needs.”

Online gifting in the “new normal”

A recent Giftano Gift Card survey found that 67% of the respondents will be buying more physical gifts online for the festive season 2020 compared to 2019. Furthermore, 55% stated when purchasing physical gifts online they will have them shipped directly to the recipients.

The survey reinforced the main reasons why customers would want to shop for gifts online. Gift-givers were looking for a way to give a proper gift even when you are unable to meet the recipient in person, and the convenience that packaging, delivery and greeting cards are all taken care of. With Giftano Gifts, gift-givers can do just that and be reassured that their gifts are in safe hands.

In the “New Normal”, the demand for gift cards have also been increasing throughout 2020; 45% said they will buy more gift cards as festive 2020 gifts compared to previous year. The most popular gift cards to receive are Experiences, Fine Dining and Retail, and the appreciation of getting a gift card is at a high 8 out of 10. People just love getting gift cards and freedom of choice is the main motive behind this.

So, if you are still looking for a way to reward and recognise employees this year-end, you can count on Giftano. Your employees will be able to redeem for a Giftano Gift, the newly launched expansion line of physical gifts. Giftano Gifts include anything from flowers, gift hampers, personalised accessories, jewellery and electronics. Alternatively, the Giftano also offers gift cards from any one of Giftano’s merchants such as Sephora, Dairy Farm Group, Grab or more.

You can visit Giftano at https://giftano.com/ .

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