ELXR launches a cloud platform to support the fitness community in Asia with innovative solutions

ELXR, a leading sports technology company based in Singapore, has launched a cloud platform to support the fitness community with innovative and personalised solutions that harness the power of sports technology.

ELXR is also the only startup in the region to have been selected by the Global Sports Innovation Centre powered by Microsoft (GSIC), an initiative aimed at encouraging the digital transformation of sports entities around the world and mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the industry.

The ELXR Personalised Cloud Sports Club was designed as an essential daily tool with the entire fitness ecosystem in mind. It empowers users to digitalise and personalise their workout regimes, with customised training programmes to suit their individual needs and preferences across all fitness levels.

At the same time, it is a fit-for-purpose platform that supports and enables trainers, coaches and enterprises with go-to-market solutions. By building and strengthening their services, they can continue to engage with audiences even as the industry faces structural challenges due to the COVID- 19 outbreak and the increased demand for digital services.

Users can create their own personalised cloud gym spaces and build up their fitness regimes at their own convenience. Various options will be made available by phases for users and coaches, allowing them to create and access preferred premium content that is suited for their requirements. Having achieved over 830,000 impressions across 40 countries in under two months, the platform aims to reach more users and trainers to further provide opportunities and support the sustainability of the fitness industry.

Steffan Fung, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ELXR, said: “The global sports and fitness industry is facing long-term structural disruptions and changes. We have developed a platform that will empower businesses and trainers to engage more seamlessly with consumers and partners.

“ELXR supports digitalisation for the sports communities and the livelihood of enterprises and trainers, providing an alternative channel to support operational continuity as well as facilitate the aggregation and cross-pollination of physical training. Users have the chance to browse various types of fitness exercises on a single platform. By harnessing the power of personalisation and technology, ELXR is developing a sustainable fitness ecosystem for Singapore and the wider region.”


The company has entered into several partnerships with key business and industry players to strengthen its platform and fitness community outreach. Its collaboration with Razer PayTM, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers’ mobile wallet application, recently signed on 27th May 2020, will make payments more convenient for both users as well as trainers, demonstrating ELXR’s commitment to partnering with other local enterprises. The company is also teaming up with the International Sports Academy, Singapore’s top educator in sports and fitness training and education, to support individuals entering the sports industry.

Lee Limeng, Razer’s Chief Strategy Officer and Razer Fintech’s Chief Executive Officer commented: “Razer is excited to support ELXR, a fellow home-grown startup, in empowering the community. Razer PayTM is designed to allow users to go cashless seamlessly and make payments, mobile top-ups as well as transfers everywhere easily. We look forward to reaching out to wider communities in Singapore with ELXR. Integration is underway and we look to launch this collaboration in July.”

ELXR’s innovative solutions have been recognised both regionally and internationally. The company has been selected for prestigious startup accelerator programmes, including those organised by 500 Startups, an early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator, in both the United States and Japan. It is the first and only sports-tech company to have been accepted into the 500 Startups global accelerator in Kobe, Japan. Moreover, ELXR completed the Plug and Play programmes in Tokyo and Kyoto and was awarded “Best International Startup” at the former event last year. Plug and Play is an international venture capital and accelerator company based in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, ELXR is one of the companies globally to be chosen by the GSIC. It is the first Singapore company and the only startup in the region to have been selected for the programme.

Iris Córdoba, General Manager of the Global Sports Innovation Centre powered by Microsoft, commented: “ELXR has proven that it has a differentiated and innovative approach which is all-encompassing and that is benefitting the entire fitness ecosystem of businesses, coaches and users. As exemplified in ELXR’s track record of generating demand, supply and growth, GSIC is confident in the company’s potential and looks to further collaboration and alignment across the platforms.”


Moving forward, ELXR’s focus will be on expanding the ELXR Personalised Cloud Sports Club community, capitalising on further opportunities for investment and industry partnerships, as well as regional market entries. These efforts are in line with the company’s mission as a purposeful platform aimed at helping the global community to live better and strengthening the sports and fitness industry across the entire supply chain and ecosystem.


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