Making work from home fun

Quiet scary times we are living in, aren’t we?

We need to take good care of us & our family, keep everyone well-fed, NOT Lose Our Jobs in the process and make sure that the housemaid (who’s unwillingly on a long leave) is paid in full because it’s not Her fault she can’t come to work, it’s the Damn Corona! And on top of it all, we got to make money, no matter what.

With more people working from home, it’s very important that our productivity remains uncompromised and for that, we need to take adequate actions to keep our body & mind up and running, functioning better more than ever!


Well, the most important thing here is to keep our minds sane and try not to lose it but as the days pass by, we come to find that it is “easier said than done”. It’s the third day of lockdown and we all are tired of staring the same walls, working on the same desk, being unable to go out for fresh air or travel to work which earlier used to feel like such a pain! We Cannot take ‘Chai Sutta’ breaks with our office folks as we used to and certainly cannot meet our best pals who used to be our support system and helped us get through some tough times. You feel me?

So what do we do to make our “Work From Home Life” a little easier and way More Fun? Follow a few of my simple tips & tricks and you will Thank Me. Wanna bet? 😊

Start your day early and wake up to your favourite song


Tell Alexa to wake you up with your favourite song or set your phone alarm with really Fresh & Enthusiastic songs which you won’t wanna turn off until you’re up and running. This will give you a fresh start to your day, work as meditation and help keep your spirit high! Waking up early will give you plenty of time to do ‘Pranayams & Yoga’ to help improve your immunity, get through your daily chores and set up an effective work environment for you.

Have a bowl full of interesting & healthy breakfast

 Ditch the Paranthas as your everyday Breakfast and try some light food which will give you an adequate amount of proteins with enough energy to kick-start your day, and since you’re at home all the time and not doing much physical work, this simple habit will help you not gain excess weight.

Get yourself ready for work

Suit up: Wear any dress/top/shirt that says “Work clothes” but not too fancy, you don’t wanna ruin them as you can’t keep changing your clothes the whole day just in case you wish to take a power nap or watch Netflix for some time. You can wear any kind of pyjama’s, half pants or track pants as per your wish.

Wear shoes or Jooti’s or any comfortable footwear which do not come off when you walk, which do not give you the feeling of a slipper (if you wish to sit on a chair and work on the table), it will keep you focused, trust me.

For those who’re comfortable working on a couch or bed may not need them.

Looks matter

Regardless of your gender, wash & moisturize your face like you would if you went to the office, and comb your hair neatly so that there’s blood flow and your head feels light & clear. And ladies, use a lip balm or a light colour lipstick on your lips – it will help you in wonderful ways when you look neat & professional, you work & talk neatly and professionally. Try braiding your hair or tying them into a bun – works like a charm!

Smell good


Take a bath or put some perfume/scent on, you’ll feel good about yourself and confident and that’s the key to get any work done!

Set up your Work Station. Don’t forget to include:

2 bottles of water (to get you through the day): You can always walk to the tap and pour some water, and that’s better yes, but sometimes you just can’t and need the water to be right there.

Laptop & mobile charger and mouse & keyboard too (if needed): It’s very annoying to look for the charger when you’re running out of batteries, so make sure you have them right before you Connected To A Power Source.

Hands-free: It never hurts to keep your earphones handy so that you can multitask without hassles.

Your favourite munchies/drinks: Keep light snacks/dark chocolate/orange juice/anything that’s healthy on your table which instantly uplifts your mood and satisfies your small hunger pangs.


A comfortable pillow or chair cushion: To help keep your back straight so you don’t feel any pain during your work time.

Moisturizer: If your hands are prone to dryness, keeping a hand cream/lotion handy will keep you feeling sane and soft. 😊 Keep a sanitizer and some paper tissues with you too, certainly won’t hurt in the current “Corona Era”.

Your spectacles’ box: If you wear glasses, you must keep the spectacle’s box with the soft fabric inside it beside you to clean your pair of glasses as and when needed.

Play music of your choice: Any music that keeps you focused and doesn’t distract you while working will do. You may Play or Pause it according to your need. It will help lighten up your mood and you’ll start feeling SO GOOD about working from the comforts of your home.

Take a walk & talk: Keep visiting your family who is in other rooms, check on them how they’re doing, bond with them, play with your dog and talk to them, because they too are stuck in their homes you know, and your liveliness will definitely cheer them up!

Take a Netflix Break: When you have some extra time to spare, watch some super cool web series, TV, a movie partially or play your favourite game. Just make sure you don’t get stuck into that as that also counts into all the time you have been spending in front of a screen, that’s not much healthy.


Sing a song: If you feel bored, out of your mind or like losing your “ish”, take a break to sing your heart out, doesn’t matter if you sing good or bad or don’t know the lyrics, just vent it out, get it out of your system. If you’re a religious/spiritual person, chant “Aum” 5 times with your eyes closed. Each Chant should at least last 5-10 seconds with your eyes closed. Take my word – it will certainly help clear your head.

Move Your Body: Get into some intense physical exercise – workout, do some pushups or dance around because you ain’t moving much these days, remember? You have to stay fit and healthy.

Take Adequate Sleep: Try eating early and finish it up with some turmeric milk which will boost your immune system as you sleep through the night. Take a walk within your home premises before going to bed so that you’re tired enough to sleep like a baby and wake up fresh for a brand new day!

Try these simple steps and I promise you, you’ll feel much better and lighter while working from home and this lockdown will start feeling like a vacation. Have fun!

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