Naha Kha – Bathe, Worship and Then Eat

Tomorrow, on 11th of September, Teej celebrations begin. One day ahead of Teej, the tradition of Naha Kha is observed. This literally means bathe and eat. The ritual, though, has some additional practices as well


Here’s explaining Naha Kha:

  1. Women wake up early to take a ritualistic bath and get ready.
  2. They clean the mandir and offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  3. Only after that, they eat. On  Naha Kha, women consume pure vegetarian home-made food without any garlic, onion or salt. To add some flavor, sendha namak or rock salt can be consumed. Most women prefer juice, sweets and fruits.

It is almost midnight here in Singapore and I am all set for tomorrow. I got my henna (mehendi) done today and the #TeejMood is on a high in my household. I will be sharing my Naha Kha celebration pictures with you guys tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a look at my mehendi:


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