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Lock Your Love at Singapore River

Did you know that there is a Love Locks Space in Singapore? Well, it came as a surprise to me too! We have all heard and read about the romantic Love Lock Bridge of Paris but who knew we had one such space in Asia as well.


Singapore never ceases to surprise me. Every time I go out seeking one story, I come back with several. I was at The Central at Clarke Quay for a meeting this Monday. While waiting for the person of interest, I decided to take a walk along the Singapore River in the Clark Quay area when I stumbled upon this beautiful corner. 


Hundreds of locks with colorful tags displaying pictures of couples and romantic messages were hanging on one side of the railing near the mall. As I walked further, there was a heart shaped wooden open area, also dedicated to cute little love locks. I walked around and read posters explaining the idea.



So, basically, couples can buy their love locks from vending machines set inside The Centrall mall and near the Love Lock Space. Each lock costs 4 dollars (SGD). You can attach your pictures, messages and name tags along with the lock. As tempted as I was to buy my own lock, I decided to come back again with my husband and then do it.




  1. What a beautiful idea! In the town next to ours there is a bridge over a gorge. Once when we were there we noticed several locks attached to the side railings. They were just some that people had brought with them. I’d forgotten about that. I must go back to see if they are still there.

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