He bought my plant from the nursery; she borrowed a stem of it
They both planted us twins in their respective gardens
I was born as a bud in her lawn a day later to my twin bud
We blossomed into beautiful red roses to realize they had named a day after us
A Day to celebrate us, to celebrate what we stood for—love
On Rose day, she plucked my twin from her plant and he plucked me
He went across to gift me to her
When he saw her giving it to another guy – slightly taller, slimmer and richer — as I could see his BMW parked in her attic
My planter rode a cycle
He came back with tears in his eyes
First I thought my thorn had pricked him
Later I realized it was not his finger that was bleeding
But his heart
He still keeps me between the pages of his favorite book
As a memory of the first heartbreak

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