“History owes an apology to LGBT” – Indian Supreme Court Decriminalizes Gay Sex

Younis Sideeq Wani writes a detailed Report on the landmark SC Judgement of Decriminalization of Gay Sex in India #LoveWins: “Section 377 is irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary,” – CJI Dipak Mishra was quoted yesterday. In a landmark judgement, India’s Supreme Court struck down Section […]

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How To Plan A Game of Thrones Themed Party

Call us nerds but me and my husband are head over heels fans of the Game of Thrones series (Well, who isn’t?). I wanted to do something special for his birthday this year and I thought to plan a GOT themed surprise […]

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Take This From Mother Nature

I am at Pollen, Gardens By The Bay with botanical illustrationist Lucinda. Today is the first of her weekly botanical workshops at this surreal location. One of the things about working closely with an insightful artist like herself is that you learn […]

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Read ‘Men-tal Ill-ness’ NOT ‘Cra-zy’ Pleads Sumona Chetia

J.K Rowling, Mike Tyson, Billy Joel, Emma Thompson, Michael Phelps, Elton John, Drew Barrymore and the list goes on. Now, what do these names have one thing in common? Apart from being insanely talented in their respective fields and renowned worldwide, these […]

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“Nothing happens by chance but nothing will happen if you don’t take a chance!” -Lucinda Law Of taking chances and risks Of exploring the outside and ‘within’ Of discovering and defining a new you Of blurring boundaries and soaring high Of scented […]

Look ‘Within’

Redemption Redefinition Rediscovery Resetting. These are not found in some faraway land but ‘within’ us . All we need to do is pause and give ourselves the time/environment where our soul can seek solace, find peace and rise afresh like a phoenix […]

‘Uncomfortable Nights’ by Arunima

It’s one of those uncomfortable nights And I think about why I feel a certain way. But all it does is take my sleep And leaves me With a blaring alarm sound At 7 am Because it’s Monday morning And I can’t […]

The ‘Not’ Social Media: Age of Distorted Connections

PINKY PANDEY ‘In our togetherness, castles are built‘, says an Irish proverb. Not stressing much on what it means, we all are acquainted with the idea of being together, being connected. The word ‘connection’ brings to our mind an immediate imagery of […]

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Is There Hope In This Rain? by Arunima

I tried writing words That felt like sunshine In this rain. I tried writing words Trying to tell the chaos To calm down in my brain. I wrote words of hope and love Telling myself – That this is what I need […]

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