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Homegrown footwear brand DMK’s stunning August collection is a must-have

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DMK, Singapore’s beloved footwear brand with 7 local stores islandwide that has not only anchored its place in the local retail industry but even managed to grow, serving more than 2.5 million customers despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Sophia and Eileen Goh have been hustling to continue their mother’s legacy by revamping DMK to be more than just a Singaporean fashion brand. 

It all started when their mother, Wendy, was frustrated by the fact that there were no fashionable shoe designs that could deliver a comfortable fit for someone who suffered from a foot disorder. She had been struggling with ‘bunions’, the most common foot deformity amongst women. Despite the usual solution to buy larger-sized footwear, it still fails to provide a sense of contentment. Thus, this sparked her quest to create footwear designs by establishing that DMK would not only help women look good, but also feel good.

Since its inception in 2000, DMK has set out to create stylish yet thoughtful collections through their design philosophy to achieve the perfect balance for everything in life between how their customers look and feel. In addition to that, inclusivity is prioritised as the main value of DMK when it comes to designing regardless of shape, size, skin tone or style.

This is possible with their main 3 design pillars which range from the ideal fit type for every customer based on real foot’s measurement instead of following the industry standards, the latest fashion trends and last but not least, emphasizing the feel of comfort from new footwear. Anchored in their philosophy by these 3 strong pillars, it is no wonder that they have consistently established themselves as a homegrown and leading footwear brand in Singapore.

Overall, DMK has successfully delivered their functional footwear to more than 2.5 million customers even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with their mission to be the voice of modern women in the fashion industry, DMK has been actively involved in campaigns that empowered women such as the #feelgoodDMK collection which supports the victims of domestic violence, Mother’s Day and pet owners x Hari Raya collection which celebrates the local communities and the feeling of gratitude towards one another, and their City Escape collection which stems from the idea of escapism from the hustle and bustle of our city lives. 

Other than that, DMK aims to launch new collections following the latest fashion trends while focusing on the balance between emotional and physical wellness. Next on the line is their upcoming August collection that offers better foot support with unique design heels, softer straps, a well-cushioned base, extra-comfy inner lining, a wide toe box specifically suited for wide feet and bunions as well as the latest pastel sneaker mules trend. 

Learn more at https://www.dmk.com.sg

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