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Record sales and building the arts community in Singapore: Highlights from the Affordable Art Fair 2023

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The canvas of success was painted with vibrant strokes as the 16th edition of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore drew its curtains, leaving behind an indelible mark of achievement. With record-breaking sales soaring to SG$5 million and an impressive turnout of 16,000 art enthusiasts, the fair once again proved its prowess in nurturing the love for art in the heart of our city-state.

Bridging communities through art: A global palette unveiled

This year’s fair, a melting pot of cultural diversity, boasted a harmonious blend of 37% local and 63% international galleries. The curated selection of global and local art from 20 different countries under one roof created an inclusive space, breaking barriers to art acquisition within Singapore.

It showcased not only a growing art culture among locals but also maintained its appeal to the expatriate community, solidifying its status as a cosmopolitan art event.

Strengthening community and social impact: Art beyond boundaries

The fair went beyond its role as a marketplace for art, establishing meaningful partnerships with ART:DIS, Singapore Cancer Society, Sculpture Society (Singapore), and Art Galleries Association Singapore. ART:DIS marked its inaugural year, elevating visibility for artists with disabilities. Seven talented artists, including emerging talents like Noah Tan and Christian Lee, stood side by side with senior artists Eugene Soh and Raymond Lau, adding a refreshing diversity to contemporary art.

Singapore Cancer Society, the official charity of the event, showcased the therapeutic power of art in mental health and cancer care. Workshops on Art Psychotherapy and Wellbeing sessions became platforms for emotional healing and self-discovery through art.

The Sculpture Society (Singapore) breathed life into the fair with live woodcarving demonstrations and a captivating display of sculptural artworks, fostering a deeper appreciation for sculpture as an art form. Art Galleries Association Singapore, through galleries like Aestheletic Fine Art Gallery and artcommune gallery, strengthened efforts to promote art appreciation in the community.

Making art accessible: Inspiring the next generation

The fair’s commitment to art education took centre stage with interactive workshops that engaged and enthralled attendees. The Children’s Art Studio by Art Wonderland served as a creative oasis, sparking the imagination of the next generation of art enthusiasts.

A feast for the senses: Engaging experiences

The ‘ATM – Art Transfer Matrix,’ a performance piece by the renowned Melbourne-based artist Jackie Case, stood out as a philosophical marvel. For just SG$30, attendees submitted ideas, challenging the age-old question of who the true artist is – the idea generator or the executor. This interactive piece encapsulated the fair’s dedication to engaging the audience in thoughtful conversations about art.

Adding a sweet touch to the affair, Häagen-Dazs returned as the official ice cream partner, unveiling a life-sized 3D art installation and two new limited edition flavours, Pistachio & Cream and Chestnut Tart. Gourmet offerings from Group Therapy, The Cheese Deli, DAMNMEATS, Chimichanga, and Strong Flour elevated the overall sensory experience.

Fair Director Alan Koh reflects on success: A remarkable journey

In reflection, Fair Director Alan Koh expressed gratitude for the fair’s 16th edition, deeming it a remarkable journey. “We are grateful to continue supporting galleries and artists, fostering a vibrant art community, and encouraging art appreciation among a diverse audience. The fair’s evolution is a testament to our commitment to making art accessible to all.”

Looking to the future: A thriving platform for art exploration

As the curtains close on the Affordable Art Fair 2023, the dream persists – to remain a pivotal event for discovering and collecting art, serving as a thriving platform for galleries, artists, and the wider art ecosystem.

The fair’s unwavering commitment to art and community ensures that the next edition will paint an even more vibrant picture, continuing to weave the tapestry of Singapore’s flourishing art scene.

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