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Shopee sellers: Balancing fatherhood and online success with Shopee’s support

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Fatherhood is a beautiful journey filled with love, responsibilities, and challenges. For fathers who are also entrepreneurs, finding a balance between family life and running a business can be demanding. However, with the support of Shopee, these dedicated fathers have found a way to juggle both seamlessly, creating successful online stores while cherishing precious moments with their children.

Let’s delve into the inspiring stories of Jeremy Wong from JShopSpreeJss and Zhang Ying Yong from Mixshop as they share their experiences and the role Shopee plays in their fatherhood journey.

Maintaining work-life balance

Jeremy Wong, the founder of JShopSpreeJss, acknowledges the flexibility that an online business provides. By managing his store single-handedly, he can be present for his family while still fulfilling his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Jeremy shares his work-life balance strategy, “I spend mornings with my children, preparing my elder boy for school and enjoying quality time with my younger one. My parents-in-law look after them during the day, allowing me to focus on packing and shipping orders. I strive to spend weekends with my family, cherishing these precious moments before my children grow older and become more independent.”

Staying motivated through challenges

Balancing fatherhood and running a streetwear fashion business can be demanding, but Jeremy maintains a positive mindset through challenges and setbacks. He turns to sports and self-care activities like cycling, swimming, and basketball to stay motivated. Jeremy emphasizes the importance of finding solutions instead of getting stuck on problems.

Taking breaks and seeking inspiration outside the office, he finds renewed energy and fresh perspectives to overcome obstacles.

Shopee’s support for father-entrepreneurs

Shopee’s Seller Education Hub and automated processes have been instrumental in helping Jeremy manage his role as a father while running his business. Shopee’s user-friendly platform allows buyers to browse, order, and pay conveniently, streamlining the purchasing process.

Jeremy appreciates the availability of the Seller Education Hub, which provides resources and tools to enhance his marketing efforts. The efficiency of Shopee’s system enables Jeremy to manage his store effectively, even while juggling his responsibilities as a father.

Involving children in the business

Zhang Ying Yong, the founder of Mixshop, involves his children in the online business, providing them with valuable insights into entrepreneurship. Their kids help with tasks such as moving goods, packaging, photoshoots, product selection, and even assisting with writing English copy.

“My wife and I have been entrepreneurs since our early twenties. We have continuously tried and experienced different businesses, including restaurants, internet cafes, small contractors, backpacker hotels, and so on.  Until we accumulated some savings and experience, we established the Mixshop brand in 2011. We realized the importance of trying to build our own brand so that we could have control over product quality and pricing, cultivate our customer base, and build a good reputation. Only then can a business accumulate and thrive in the long run,” he shares.

By participating in the business, Zhang’s children understand the value of hard work, diligence, and learning. Their involvement contributes to the growth and success of Mixshop, fostering a sense of responsibility and motivation within the family.

Finding quality family time

Despite the demands of running Mixshop, Zhang Ying Yong prioritizes quality family time. The experience gained from previous businesses has taught him the importance of creating his own brand and maintaining control over product quality and pricing.

Zhang Ying Yong with his family

Transitioning to the digital space through Shopee has provided Zhang with more time and flexible schedules to spend with his children. Engaging in activities like basketball, the family enjoys shared interests, creating lasting memories while nurturing their bond.

Shopee’s impact on business growth

Shopee has played a pivotal role in Mixshop’s growth, particularly during the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. With physical retail stores decreasing, Mixshop’s online presence has flourished.

Utilising Shopee’s platform and ERP system, Zhang gains access to valuable data reports, enabling efficient inventory management and streamlined processes. The success achieved through Shopee has allowed Zhang to allocate more time to his children, striking a harmonious work-life balance.

The journey of fatherhood is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, made even more extraordinary by the seamless integration of entrepreneurship. Shopee’s support has empowered fathers like Jeremy Wong and Zhang Ying Yong to navigate the challenges of running online stores while cherishing the joys of fatherhood. Their stories exemplify the perfect harmony between family and business, with Shopee’s Seller Education Hub and automated processes providing the necessary tools and resources for success. As these fathers continue to thrive as entrepreneurs, their children witness the dedication, resilience, and love that goes into building a legacy.

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