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Indonesian streetwear fashion brand Erigo, a Shopee partner, made it to the NYFW this year

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Erigo is an Indonesian streetwear fashion brand that has been a partner of Shopee since 2017. In 2020, they participated in the Shopee Export Program and is one of the many successful homegrown brands that Shopee has helped to penetrate foreign markets. 

This year, Erigo announced that they will be representing Indonesia at the internationally renowned fashion show, New York Fashion Week 2022. To celebrate this achievement, Erigo is collaborating exclusively with Shopee to launch their new “Erigo X” collection at the New York Fashion Week 2022 for the first time, unlocking a key milestone for the brand.

Erigo’s success empowers many local businesses to go global and showcase the quality of locally designed and made products. As the shift to digital continues, Shopee is committed to connecting more brands with consumers around the world. 

We spoke to Erigo recently to learn more about their journey so far, how Shoppee has helped their business, the latest New York Fashion Week gig and more!

TVM: When was Erigo launched and what is the vision of the brand? 

Muhammad Sadad, CEO of Erigo

Erigo is one of the top fashion brands in Indonesia and was founded in 2011, focusing on streetwear, paying homage to the brand’s heritage. The first collection featured native batik and ikat designs. The brand’s founder Muhammad Sadad grew up in the small town of Medan in Indonesia. He parlayed this success into developing Erigo with the vision to create an internationally revered brand that is accessible to global audiences while focusing on Indonesian heritage. 

TVM: What makes Erigo stand out?

In 10 years, we have become a brand that always comes first to mind for people who search for affordable yet stylish fashion items. We are able to succeed because of our product strategy to offer affordable clothing that is up to date with current trends.

TVM: How has Shopee helped Erigo establish a solid regional presence? What markets are you present in right now?

E-commerce has seen exponential growth in Indonesia, hence we decided to launch our store on Shopee to provide shoppers with affordable and trendy daily and formal wear to fulfill their style desire. We are delighted with the fact that we have started our partnership with e-commerce company Shopee in Indonesia since 2016 to expand our online reach, grow sales and capture development opportunities to bring our business to the next level. 

Last month, Erigo was the only Indonesian brand that participated in New York Fashion Week 2022 and it was a milestone for us. Erigo and Shopee share a common vision of wanting to inspire MSME players in Indonesia to enter the global market. Although we started as a small home-based business in Depok; a small city in West Java, Erigo was able to expand and export their products in 2017, with support from Shopee through the Shopee Export Program, which enables sellers to sell throughout the region supported by Shopee’s integrated logistics and payments ecosystem. It started with Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and finally we got to the legendary NYFW this season.

Shopee has been instrumental in the success of our store, providing us with opportunities in  various programs and campaigns to boost our online sales. We have managed  to be Shopee’s favorite brand in their big campaigns each year, and we hope to  inspire other local MSMEs to seek strategic e-commerce partners like Shopee, whom they share a similar mission and vision with, to succeed and grow. 

Erigo has around 2.4 million followers on Instagram. How important is social media for fashion brands today?

Social media is crucial for us to foster relationships with our consumers. Social media platforms such as Instagram allow us to share more information around our  products and engage with consumers to find insights on how we can improve. We also pick up on market trends. It is one of the largest and most used in many markets. 

What led to the New York Fashion Show? Could you share more on the collection?

We have seen many shoppers struggle to find fashionable yet affordable clothes to wear. We are here to remind these shoppers that fashion need not be expensive. Along with  Erigo’s collaboration with IMG New York for NYFW S/S 2022, we are launching ‘Erigo X’. Erigo X launches its first runway collection with the theme of fashion meets function, with elements of a neon color palette such as orange tiger, black beauty, lemon chrome, teal blue, raspberry, and lime green. Erigo’s design team focused on a collection worn by all groups, races, genders, and various body shapes. Shopee provided us with strong support through promoting the NYFW campaign and being with us on the trip to New York. They also helped us to engage with shoppers through Shopee Live, where our NYFW show was relayed to audiences in the region.

We hope to be acknowledged by people worldwide as a brand that provides fashionable products with sustainable quality. We also hope to provide opportunities to aspiring young designers to shine with their own affordable clothing designs. 

TVM: What is the creative inspiration behind the brand’s fashion ethos? Could you share a bit more about your designers- their creative process and inspirations?

The inspiration for the design of Erigo X started from our 10th anniversary. Therefore, we raised the theme of ’Fashion for all.’ Unisex style, streetwear, and design X is part of Erigo’s DNA. The rope accents used in our collection symbolizes the continous growth of Erigo, while our color choices from bright, neutral, and dark symbolizes the journey of Erigo which was not always bright.

TVM: Fashion and retail have been hit hard during the pandemic. How did you cope?

During this pandemic, all of Erigo’s offline stores were closed, which badly affected our business as we relied often on pop-up store events in various cities. Hence, we had to change our strategy to   focus on our online store on Shopee, participating in campaigns such as 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, 12.12, to reach and connect with our customers 

TVM: What message would you give to local brands out there? 

Everything is possible as long as we work hard and focus on our goal. There is nothing impossible for our business to progress.

Check out Erigo on Instagram here and check out their official store on Shopee here.


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