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Get healthy and spring into fun with So Pho’s DIY Summer Roll


Despite all the competition from the incredible dishes from its neighbours, Vietnamese food still really stands out. Gỏi cuốn or nem cuốn or the Vietnamese rice paper roll is one of my favourite dishes. So, when I learnt about So Pho’s summer rolls, I had to try them!

This lovely Vietnamese treat is light on the palate and pleasing to the eyes. Each sheet of rice paper is filled with ingredients such as bun noodles, chicken, prawns and a huge amount of vegetables and herbs, before being rolled and served with a side of fish or peanut sauce. While travelling to Vietnam is only a short distance away, sometimes satisfying an urgent craving is more feasible with So Pho.

Now you can even become your own chef by bringing the ingredients directly to your table! Learn how to put together your own summer rolls anytime, anywhere with this ready-packed DIY kit. It even comes with a set of fool-proof, easy-to-read instructions on a placemat for the ultimate fuss-free summer roll experience.

Celebrate the summer with a light tasty snack to keep your tummy full for the upcoming sunny beach days! Grab your loved ones to have some wholesome fun and build your own summer roll, just the way you like it. Enjoy the crunchiness of fresh prawns and sink your teeth into juicy grilled chicken and luncheon meat strips and taste the tantalizing flavours of summer on your tongue with So Pho’s DIY Summer Roll.

The ingredients list for So Pho’s DIY Summer Roll:

Instructions on how to make your own DIY Summer Roll:
Step 1: Soak rice paper in clean water for 10 seconds
Step 2: Place cooked prawn in the middle of rice paper
Step 3: Assemble mixed vegetables of your choice on top of the prawn
Step 4: Add grilled chicken, luncheon meat, and bun (white noodles) to the mixed vegetables

Step 5: Fold both sides in, tuck the ingredients tightly and gently roll the rice paper upwards
Step 6: Dip into the sauces and consume immediately
Step 7: Upload your creation on Facebook or Instagram, and tag us at @sophosogood

The DIY Summer Roll is priced at:

For a more localised take, So Pho swaps out the fish sauce for a Sweet Chili Sauce Dip,
which is guaranteed to elevate the mouthfeel of this simple yet fulfilling dish.

So Pho’s DIY Summer Roll is available for online delivery and takeaway at and major delivery platforms.

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