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We talk entrepreneurship, motherhood and more with EstheClinic’s Manon Allano

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EstheClinic was first started in Paris, France more than 20 years ago by the founding doctors – Dr Gerard Boutboul, (Manon’s father) and Dr. Leone, and has since expanded in France and most recently in Asia – Singapore and Hong Kong. Inspired by her father’s passion and vision for EstheClinic to develop technological aesthetic treatments for the face, body, and hair removal as an alternative to surgery, Manon wanted to push forward with that vision further.

In this interview, she talks about entrepreneurship, beauty, feminism, motherhood and more.

Manon Allano, the Managing Director of EstheClinic
TVM: “A mumpreneur at the age of 34”: What do you think about the tag “mumpreneur”? Do you think it is important to celebrate moms in the business and corporate world to encourage women or do you think these labels should not exist at all, after all, we’ve hardly ever read “Dadpreneur at the age of XX”!
Manon: I’m totally ok with the “mumpreneur” tag, and I’m proud of it. I have a full time and paid job raising my business in Singapore and France and another job – one that is full-time and unpaid, which is being a mum! It helps bring more context to a person, giving you a snapshot of their life, background and what drives them.
TVM: You are defying the so-called norms in more ways than one. You are carrying your father’s legacy and doing it with grace while raising two amazing children. Man or woman, this is a feat to be celebrated. How important is the brand value of EstheClinic for you?
Manon: EstheClinic is the story of my life. I have grown up in the medical and beauty environment and continue to grow the brand throughout Asia and France. We have worked hard to build up the identity and ethics of EstheClinic and its very important to me to offer perfect customer service to my clients and a safe and attractive workplace
where all employees are recognized, feel appreciated, and treated with respect.

TVM: Women in Asian countries are expected to live up to unrealistic beauty standards while at the same time if they decide to indulge in self-care, they can be quickly labelled as too self-involved or selfish. How do we find that sweet spot where we are celebrated for who we are, flaws and all but also given the space to work on ourselves and indulge in some self-care and self-love?

Manon: Pampering ourselves with a spa session, hair treatment, mani-pedi, or any kind of beauty service is a way for us to relax and have fun. Many men and women feel more confident when they are in control. At EstheClinic, we do believe that helping someone to soothe their concerns will help her to achieve sustainable self-love and body-positive mindset. When someone is dissatisfied with something in their physical appearance, beauticians and cosmetologists may alter or remodel a client’s unwanted features. When that dissatisfaction turns into an asset, one’s confidence and self-esteem may build up.

TVM: What are some of the signature treatments offered at EstheClinic and who are they aimed at?Manon: We have a wide range of services, from permanent hair removal to face and body treatments. But what we are more popular for is our painless permanent IPL hair removal treatment. Our AquaFacial treatment has also been awarded many times, for individuals who are looking for hydration and exfoliation. Alongside it, our cryo fat reduction treatment, EstheCyro, has also won multiple awards for its French patented Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing technology which helps customers who are looking to achieve flatter stomachs, flatter abs and more.

Read why EstheClinic’s EstheCyro was just what my postpartum body needed!

TVM: What separates EstheClinic from other clinics and how?

Manon: All our treatments are exclusive to the EstheClinic brand. We incorporate the most advanced medical and aesthetic equipment, developed by our founders and distributed to doctors and dermatologists throughout Europe for over 15 years. Treatments are developed and validated by medical doctors. Our therapists are trained and continually updated with new techniques and standards of conduct by our partner physicians. Every skin type and beauty condition is unique, so we offer a thorough pre-treatment consultation to develop a bespoke aesthetic treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. With our wide range of technologies and extensive medical expertise, we cater to every skin issue and type. We optimize the results of our treatments with a holistic approach that addresses each client’s specific needs.

TVM: How is the expansion in France ongoing? Is the Paris outlet set to be opened soon?
Manon: EstheClinic’s Paris branch has opened in September 2021! The opening is going very well, and we look forward to opening a second one soon.

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