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Get all the good lobangs from the new Shopee Wet Market!

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It’s 6.30pm and you are on the way home after work. You remember that you used up the last of the ingredients in your fridge so you make your way to the nearest supermarket. After making your purchases, you trudge home laden with a whole bunch of  heavy shopping bags. Sounds familiar?

Lucky for you, Shopee Wet Market is here to the rescue! No more jostling with strangers trying to pick the prettiest fruit, and no more lugging heavy groceries home. Skip the long cashier queues, and have only the best selection of locally & internationally sourced ingredients from over 100 trusted sellers, delivered fresh to your doorstep. We mean it when we say fresh – place your order before 2pm on weekdays to receive it the next day! 

You can truly buy everything on Shopee, from premium ingredients like cod fish, lobsters, to household staples like chicken. Apart from shopping from the comfort of your own home, you’d also get to shop for your groceries at amazing price points across various categories. 

The next time your friends ask you to host a get-together or you want to impress your in-laws with a home cooked meal, you know where to turn to. 

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