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Encounters of a Jabra Fan with her favourite​ celebs

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When Ranpreet met her favourite singers Manan and Sarthak

“Wo Star Nahi Duniya Hai Meri…” This dialogue from Shahrukh Khan’s 2016 release ‘FAN’ was the voice of every fan around the world. It echoed every die-hard fan and we all could feel the emotion for our favourite celebs.

I feel like it would be fair to say that each one of us has a fan within us, at least in the context of India where cinema and television are larger than life. Interestingly, each fan shares a very unique relationship with his/her idol. We laugh with them, we cry for them, we pray for them and get inspired by them.

What happens when a fan gets to meet his/her idol? For the fan, it is almost like meeting GOD itself (because Indian fans do idolize their idols like they worship a deity). Recently, I was lucky enough to experience a similar dream-come-true moment when I got the chance to meet two of my favourite singers – Manan Bhardwaj and Sarthak.

To begin with, let me take this opportunity to introduce these two amazing up and coming musical stars. Manan Bhardwaj is a singer, lyricist, director, and a music director who is known for his viral covers of iconic Bollywood songs. But there is more to his work than singing covers. Each of his musical endeavour is not just a tribute to the original singer but also has a new essence in it. In addition, fans also love Manan’s originals. Undoubtedly, his soulful voice strikes a right chord in the heart (with me, it’s like being hypnotized with the serene melody of his voice) and one can easily feel a connection to the song.

On the other hand, Sarthak is a master of tunes and beats who aces the trick to take the audience in an altogether different zone with his music. An engineer by qualification, Sarthak can melt your heart with his commendable singing skills as well.

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to lose my heart to these soulful voices and I became a part of their league of thousands of ardent fans.

How I found solace in their music during tough times

Manan and his songs, unknowingly, have played an important role in helping me overcome some tough times. His music gave me faith and confidence to never give up when I was going through some adverse personal issues. And I actually feel like I owe my sanity to him.

I started following Manan and Sarthak religiously. From keeping track of their latest releases to sharing their music online – I have been their true fan for the past few months. During this time, I connected with them on social media and got to know them even better. Just the fact that they noticed my posts and interacted with me was so exciting for me!

Despite enjoying a huge fan following, both Manan and Sarthak were quite humble during the conversations we had on social media. And this gave me another reason to be their die-hard fan.

Meeting them in person was a memorable experience

Isn’t it obvious when we adore a celebrity, we often think of meeting them in person one day? Even I dreamt of meeting Manan and Sarthak someday. In fact, when I requested them for a meeting, deep down in my heart I knew it won’t possible for them to meet just a random fan. But little did I know that my wish would be fulfilled so soon.

Yes! I did meet Manan and Sarthak in person. This meeting happened in the Namyoho studios in Gurgaon and I clearly remember the jitters I had while stepping in the studio. After all, you don’t meet a celebrity, especially the one you adore, every now and then. Moreover, I didn’t have the slightest clue of what I am going to talk about in there. But then, as they say, unplanned things are always the best, it did prove true for me.

So as I entered the studios (with trembling legs and butterflies in my stomach), I could see several poster frames of their previous songs decorating the walls. Sandeep Kumar and Raman Bhambhu (from Manan’s production team) were the first people I met in the studio. I could hear my heart thudding as I asked them about Manan and Sarthak.

I was asked to wait but all I do was a grin and stare at the posters on the walls. Secretly, I was pinching myself to be sure that it wasn’t a dream. I am glad it wasn’t.

And then the moment came when my dream finally turned into reality. Soon, I met Sarthak who was quite down to earth and made me as comfortable as I would be at a friend’s place.

With millions of thoughts in my mind, I was trying to store every moment in my mind as a precious memory. And then came the big moment when I met Manan (Ah! That moment is still afresh in my mind and I have replayed it a zillion times). He smiled at me and welcomed me to his office. All this while, I was just thinking about this moment and when it finally came I was so nervous and excited at the same time.

In no time I was sitting in their office interacting with them. It goes without saying that I was starstruck on meeting both Manan and Sarthak. I could barely stop grinning. It was obvious that was nervous and excited at the same time.

Much to a surprise of every common man, despite being a celebrity, neither of the two had any starry airs. In fact, our conversation was all about music, songs, and how much I love their work. I still can’t get over the affection shown by them.

The conversation started with how I got to know about this magnificent singer and his songs. Both were patiently listening to me and then asked about me (my profession, family and life).

But when Manan lauded my efforts of promoting his songs (in his words “Hume pta hota hai post share hote hi Vibrant Jatti {my Instagram account name} sabse pehle share karegi“) and said that it inspires him to make more songs, I felt so valued. It was a moment when I had tears of happiness in my eyes.

Needless to say, both Manan and Sarthak turned out to be an excellent host and made me comfortable in no time. If this wasn’t all. Their generosity while agreeing to my requests (which included clicking so many selfies) and also signing ‘an autograph’ in this digital era, made me drool over their kindness.

It was indeed the best of all I could ever imagine and definitely a surreal experience that I will cherish forever. Probably, the best day of my life so far. Well, this is just a note to thank my favourites Manan Bhardwaj and Sarthak for fulfilling my wish and being the most amazing people I have ever met in life. Lots of love from your ‘Jabra Fan’.

Follow Manan Bhardwaj and Sarthak on YouTube and enjoy their soulful music.

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