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Please send ideas/pitches before submitting actual articles, we’d hate for you to write an article and it then be declined. Submitting a few different ideas may also be wise.

We love to hear perspectives from all parts of the world on social and cultural issues. We love books and are addicted to shows just like you but we’d rather you propose a detailed review or analysis that just a listicle of “5 shows you must watch”. Articles need to be around 7-800 words and include 5+ photos (with due credit to the source).

We have a soft corner for stories that speak about equality in the society on the basis of race, gender, no-gender, caste, religion, creed, skin colour as well as articles that talk about the environment and climate change. A few examples to refer would be:

We also consider interviews and features on extraordinary people doing their bit to make the world a better place– no matter which field– as far as they are doing good, we’d like to know them.

If you have an article proposal or an idea then please reach out to us at

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