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KIKI & SEBBY®: Creating safe, stylish, and sustainable baby furniture for modern parents

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Since its inception in 2016, Angel Baby Box Pte Ltd, founded by Dr Sharon Heng and Ms Alice Au, has made waves in the industry with its first product, the Angel Babybox®

Now a renowned brand, KIKI & SEBBY® has made a name by designing and producing safe, comfortable, and stylish baby furniture. Founded by individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, including a surgeon, a banker, and a product designer, the company is driven by a shared mission to provide high-quality, long-lasting products with sustainability at their core. Their positive parenting philosophy influences every aspect of their approach, from product design and development to manufacturing processes.

In this article, we delve deeper into KIKI & SEBBY®’s journey, their commitment to safe sleep and sustainability, and the impact they hope to have on the parenting community.

Innovation in design and sustainability

At the heart of KIKI & SEBBY®’s product range is the concept of innovation in design. Their flagship product, the multifunctional babybox (angel babybox), exemplifies this philosophy. Inspired by a 70-year Finnish tradition associated with reducing infant mortality, the angel babybox has been reimagined by KIKI & SEBBY® as a reinforced and safety-certified crib that can also be transformed into a play mat and changing mat. Furthermore, it is lightweight and travel-friendly, allowing parents to provide a safe sleeping environment for their little ones wherever they go.

The founder, Dr Heng herself is a mom to Kiki and Sebby, aged 1 and 3 and they are often testers themselves of the products and have contributed to multiple re-iterations in designs to ensure the best products are brought forth into the market.

Expanding the range

Building on the success of the angel babybox, KIKI & SEBBY® has expanded its product range, consistently adhering to its commitment to safety and sustainability. For instance, the Sbrout 6-in-1 furniture exemplifies its design philosophy, as it can be adapted to meet the changing needs of a growing child. From birth to adulthood, this versatile furniture piece transforms from a crib to a cot, then into a table and chair, and finally into a bookshelf or an adult chair, ensuring it remains functional throughout the child’s development.

Catering to evolving demands

KIKI & SEBBY® recognizes that the contemporary family has unique needs and preferences when it comes to baby furniture. To cater to these evolving demands, the brand offers products that combine traditional elements with modern innovation.

Their designs provide a seamless aesthetic appeal, functionality, and longevity blend. By listening to feedback from parents and conducting surveys, KIKI & SEBBY® ensures that their products align with the expectations of today’s modern families.

Safe and sustainable materials

The brand’s commitment to safety and sustainability extends beyond design and functionality. KIKI & SEBBY® places a strong emphasis on using eco-friendly materials sourced from legitimate and sustainable suppliers.

Their furniture features certified ecological wood and water-based paints, ensuring that the manufacturing process is safe for babies, the environment, and the workers involved. The company also conducts thorough research and testing to guarantee the highest safety standards, taking up to several years to develop each product.

Positive impact on the parenting community

KIKI & SEBBY® aims to make safe sleep and sustainability the norm for parents. Through their products, they hope to educate and inspire the parenting community to make choices that prioritize the well-being of their children and the planet. By providing resources, hosting talks, and fostering a parent community, the brand seeks to empower parents with knowledge and support in creating safe and natural environments for their little ones.

Looking ahead

KIKI & SEBBY® continues to grow and expand its presence in multiple markets, including Singapore, Croatia, the United Kingdom, and now Thailand. The brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement is evident in its upcoming projects, such as the reimagined angel babybox and a new concept for sleeping bags.

KIKI & SEBBY®products are conveniently accessible through their website and multiple e-commerce platforms. Additionally, they can be found at Thomson Baby, located within Thomson Medical Centre and KrisShop. The brand’s products also will soon be available at renowned retail destinations such as Takashimaya Shopping Centre and TANGS.

For more information on KIKI & SEBBY®, please visit www.kikisebby.sg

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