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CASETiFY steps into the Metaverse with a unique collaboration with SM Group

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CASETiFY’s first collaborative effort with SM group to launch tech accessories collection is inspired by SMCUaespa universe. The capsule collection includes 6 designs in mesmerizing purple that symbolizes aespa’s unique metaverse dimensions

CASETiFY, the global tech accessory brand loved by millennials, Gen Z, and Hollywood celebrities recently announced its first collaborative collection with SM Group to launch an exclusive tech accessories capsule collection inspired by aespa and their aespa metaverse dimensions.

The aespa collection, presented as the first collaboration between CASETiFY and SM group, is inspired by their released albums “girls” and “savage”, proposing six different artworks. The collection also consists of various tech accessories such as Macbook covers & sleeves, Magsafe card wallets & chargers, iPad and AirPod cases, along with Charm Chain Phone Strap with Card that is exclusively available for the collection.

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The collection is coloured in mysterious purple to express aespa’s metaverse including a design with the group member’s autographs on the cover of aespa’s Next Level track, the first villain Black Mamba, and metaverse design reminiscent of a sink into the world of the multidimensional metaverse. Furthermore, the special edition sling charm is decorated with charms symbolizing each member, stimulating fans’ desire for a collection.

The collection consists of the best-selling product lineups – impact, ultra-impact and bounce series with enhanced protection technology from its release of the iPhone 14 series cases, and offers Magsafe function as an option. The iPhone 14 series bounce case has passed the U.S. standard drop test with the best protection ever since it was established and is designed to have an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip with an air bumper in each corner to protect the device safely even when phones fall on the corners, which accounts for the 70% of smartphone damage. CASETiFY has previously tripled its investment in R&D to strengthen its products. Fans who wish to purchase the aespa collection can choose from six designs and different bumper colours according to their preferences of protection level and design.

“It was an interesting project to further grow the creativity that CASETiFY pursues with aespa’s concept of metaverse, which is unique and creative,” said Wesley NG, CEO and co-founder of CASETiFY. “It’s an honour to contribute to the expansion of aespa’s metaverse dimensions of the metaverse world,” he said.

Other than the iPhone 14 series, the aespa x CASETiFY collection supports previous iPhone generations as well as the latest Galaxy S22 and Z Flip 4 & 3 devices. There are a variety of tech accessories available, including Magsafe card wallets and chargers, AirPods cases and watch bands and MacBook sleeves&covers.

The collection is available for purchase on the CASETiFY official online website and at CASETiFY Studio offline stores.

More information is available on www.casetify.com and can also be found on official channels such as CASETiFY’s official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All products support worldwide delivery and are available at both CASETiFY online and offline stores.

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