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We talk food, memories and more with Benjamin Goh- Fourth-Generation of the iconic Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

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Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice- the brand, known among Singaporeans for its authentic scissors-cut curry rice, opened its very first standalone mall outlet at VivoCity, Harbourfront last month.

The family-run Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice was once a simple food cart located at Clyde Terrace Market “” that provided local labourers with affordable lunches of rice curry and chap chye (mixed veggies). Since then, the company has been well-known among many Singaporeans and has won a number of accolades. Additionally, their distinctive 2-sauce recipe has gained a devoted fan base abroad.

At the launch of their Vivo City outlet, we got the chance to speak with Benjamin Goh, Fourth-Generation of the Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice to understand how the family intends to keep the culture and flavour relatively the same and his experiences with the original outlet growing up.

TVM: How has your amazing fourth-generation family-led business transformed over the years to cater to the tastebuds of Singaporeans today?

Benjamin: Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice has been around since 1930; our rich heritage has helped us build a loyal group of fans that enjoy our food. Our decision to open a standalone outlet was solely aimed at helping us expand our reach to people from all walks of life. With the strategic location of our new outlet at VivoCity, we know that more of our fans, the younger generation and even tourists will get to try our food!

Our flavours are timeless, and we have kept our recipes with little to no adjustments over the years to keep the sought-after nostalgia of comfort food. It’s always a joy to have customers feel at home as they enjoy hearty homemade flavours and dishes with friends and family!

TVM: How do you maintain the sought-after nostalgia that the original outlet has evoked for generations?

Benjamin: Bob (3rd gen) and I would visit the outlets and do checks to ensure the taste is consistent across all locations. Our traditional 2-sauce recipe is made in our central kitchen at the Thomson outlet to maintain our signature taste and then delivered to the other outlets. This helps maintain our flavours’ quality without altering the taste that differentiates every diner. They are then delivered to our VivoCity outlet and ION stall twice weekly to ensure their freshness. The cook in each location will then add the coconut milk and other ingredients to finish our signature curry sauce and braised sauce.

TVM: The opening of this new store will mark the brand’s third location and very first standalone mall outlet in Singapore. How does the brand plan on retaining and reflecting the original ethos here?

Having the very first standalone mall outlet provides a different experience than we already have. Besides the comfort of being in an air-conditioned mall, the new outlet also provides the nostalgia that our other shophouse outlets evoke.

From its retro-inspired storefront to its vintage wall tiles, the VivoCity outlet seeks to preserve the brand’s heritage and allows fans to feel right at home as they enjoy the hearty homemade flavours and dishes with their friends and family.

TVM: You already have a very loyal fan base locally. How do you think this mall outlet helps the brand further?

Our goal has constantly been identifying strategic locations easily accessible to Singaporeans. For us, having our very first standalone mall outlet in VivoCity also means that we cater to our fans and introduce our food to the younger generation and tourists.

Indeed VivoCity was an obvious choice for us as it is one of the most popular malls in the country. We know that with the strategic location of our first standalone mall outlet, we will also have the opportunity to share our history with new and existing customers.

TVM: What memories do you have of the Beach Road outlet? Can you share some fun anecdotes, family memories related to the business or simply of you as a child realising that your family store was such an icon locally?

When I was younger, my grandparents always “dabao” some dishes from Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice, and we enjoyed it for lunch or dinner. I would always look forward to seeing them whenever they came over because I knew they would bring over some of the dishes from the shop. And because there would always be different dishes, it was always a surprise!

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice’s new outlet is located at VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585, B2-23A, and is open daily from 10AM to 10PM. 

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