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CÉ LA VI introduces a new cocktail menu across the venue and its new head of mixology

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CÉ LA VI, an iconic rooftop destination, introduces a variety of new cocktails to its menu under the creative direction of its newly appointed Head of Mixology, Hans Anuar.  

With enticingly vivid histories behind each cocktail, CÉ LA VI’s signature cocktails take a new spin on its’ focus on Asian Contemporary flavours as it amplifies the experience of the taste of Singapore to its illustrious visitors. Some of the menu standouts include Hans’ favourite cocktail, the Rum-a-laka

Shaken with rum and whiskey, the tipple is a reimagined take of a local traditional dessert, “Pisang Salai”. Encapsulating a burst of local flavours from the toasted banana peels and gula melaka, the drink is a nod to Hans’ Malay heritage and to Singapore’s historic foundations. 

Other signature favourites include Guavarita, which takes inspiration from local fruit-paddling carts, and its sale of “Jambu Asam”, a concoction of pickled guava with chili spice. Using ingredients such as guava, plum, and honey, it is a nostalgic interpretation of the essence of Singapore culture, through its flavours. 

“In Singapore, the local food culture is vibrant and impactful. With the new cocktail menu, I hope that visitors to CÉ LA VI will be able to truly find an experience they can’t find anywhere else. This is spotlighted not just with the curated strong and nostalgic flavour profiles in our drinks, but in each interaction with our bartenders as well.” 

Encompassing 11 years of experience within the Food & Beverage Industry, Hans’ sky-high position allows him to present a world of sensorial experiences for visitors of CÉ LA VI. Incorporating his own style of craftsmanship into his concoctions, he leads his 12-member team into a new era of creative exploration.

With CÉ LA VI’s special addition that evolves monthly, the Bartender’s Handshake, the team expands and showcases their forte behind the bar, alongside Hans, who leads with flair and experienced precision. His vision for CÉ LA VI is bold and hopeful, as he seeks to change perceptions of the entertainment venue into a comprehensive lifestyle location which offers food, beverage, and music in one. 

Must-try menu highlights

Rum-a-laka is a must-try! Inspired by the “true” cocktail invented during the 1800s. This drink combines salted caramel with toasted banana peels along with a hint of Gula Melaka sweetness. Another not-to-miss drink is the Guavarita. A playful interpretation of a local peddler’s fruit cart. This drink draws the nostalgic flavours of “Jambu Asam”, a mixture of pickled guava and chilli spice found in traditional push carts. 

For whisky lovers, High “T” is a cyclone twist on the all-time classic whisky sour. A homemade spiced honey tincture paired with a blend of Asian herbs to rejuvenate the soul.  Dewfinity is a fun take on the Pina Colada, with vibrant melon and citrus flavours resulting in a tasty explosion. A perfect drink for tropical Singapore is Summer Love. It is a combination of thyme-infused gin, Peruvian pisco, peach, and prosecco to create an intriguingly refreshing fruitful drink. 

CE LA VI is located at 1 Bayfront Avenue Marina Bay Sands, Hotel, Tower 3, 018971.

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