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Plan a trip to Switzerland this year and enjoy a luxurious stay at The Chedi Andermatt

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As an exclusive five-star hotel and residence, The Chedi Andermatt has brought a new level of luxury to Andermatt with its traditional Alpine style mixed in with subtle Asian influences. Boasting an award-winning Spa and Wellness Centre, dedicated Ski Butlers and the exquisite Michelin-starred The Japanese restaurant – which specialises in tempura and sashimi – The Chedi Andermatt is one of the best hotels in Europe offering guests a blend of traditional local hospitality and Asian grace.

Enhancing its guest experience, the exclusive The Chedi Andermatt has announced they will now be accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum payment when booking accommodation – for their hotel suites or residences. As one of the first luxury Swiss hotels to accept digital currencies, The Chedi Andermatt has recently partnered with payment service provider Worldline and Swiss crypto service provider Bitcoin Suisse. Room rates will still be set in a fiat currency in order to reduce the risk of volatility and the hotel will immediately convert the cryptocurrency into Francs upon confirmation. The hotel has about 123 beautiful rooms, with prices starting from 1300 francs per night during peak season. A tariff of 1300 Swiss francs would convert to 0.03 BTC or 0.45 ETH.

Well-located along the famous Glacier Express route from Zermatt to St Moritz, Andermatt Swiss Alps is far away from the metropolis of Singapore, offering a myriad of active outdoor adventures in the summer or winter. Having boasted year-round occupancy at both the hotel and private apartments rising in 2020, with just 11 months of operation, from 54% to 69%, The Chedi Andermatt continues to reach new highs with this announcement, expanding their offerings to suit their clients.

TVM: Why should Switzerland be on everyone’s travel list post pandemic in 2022?

Jean-Yves: With the recent announcements of the VTLs with a variety of countries, a recent survey revealed that 31% of Singaporeans say they plan to travel in the next three months, up from 23.9% in September. For those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy the winter season, Switzerland is an ideal destination with the new, daily VTL between Zurich and Singapore.

 Switzerland is a year-round destination, offering guests a myriad of outdoor activities all year round from skiing or sledging in the winter to golf and trekking or mountain biking in the summer – allowing travellers to re-connect with nature as they enjoy the great outdoors. Comprised of stunning scenery including expansive lakes, breathtaking mountains and buzzing cities as well as fresh mountain air and delicious local cuisine for travellers to enjoy. Not only a destination full of active adventures and opportunities that are ripe for discovery, Switzerland is also a well-renowned wellness hub where holistic approach to health is not just a philosophy but a lifestyle throughout the country. Health and safety are of the upmost importance throughout the country in order to protect residents and guests from COVID-19 with stringent measures, good healthcare, constant health monitoring and contact tracing.

TVM: Why should travellers consider staying at The Chedi Andermatt? What are some of the unique amenities and facilities at the property?

Jean-Yves: As an exclusive five-star hotel with private residences, The Chedi Andermatt brings a new level of luxury to Andermatt Swiss Alps with its traditional Alpine style mixed in with Asian influences.

Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the centre of Switzerland, The Chedi Andermatt features 123 elegant rooms and suites decorated in a traditional style featuring a variety of dark wood, gentle colours and state-of-the-art furniture. Within the hotel, we have an award-winning Spa and Wellness Centre for guests to indulge in some rest and relaxation. Featuring a pool and sauna area as well as the Tibetan Relaxation Lounge, The Chedi Andermatt’s Spa and Health Club offers a variety of Far Eastern treatments, customised specifically to each guest’s needs and desires as well as the latest Technogym equipment. Speclised personal trainers are also available for individual coaching and our yoga and pilates studio has been designed around holistic wellness, offer both private and group classes.

Representing luxury and high-quality Swiss service, The Chedi Andermatt has a selection of different restaurants of various cuisines including our Michelin-starred The Japanese Restaurant, run by executive Chef Dietmar Sawyere it specialises in authentic Japanese dishes including tempura and sashimi. For those looking for a local experience, The Chalet, located in our Courtyard, is an intimate restaurant which serves traditional Swiss cuisine paired with European wines. Whilst our The Restaurant combines the two with our resident chefs cooking a mixture of Asian and European dishes. Guests will be able to witness Head Chef Armin Egli and his team as the restaurant is built around open kitchens.

The Chedi Andermatt is one of the best hotels in Europe – having recently received the best possible rating by Forbes Travel Guide 2021 – offering guests a blend of traditional local hospitality and Asian grace.

TVM: Could you share more about The Chedi Residences & Penthouses?

Jean-Yves: The Chedi Residences & Penthouses are private apartments within the luxury 5 star hotel. Having launched in 2013, The Chedi Andermatt stands for luxury, quality and outstanding personalised service. With 119 Residences – 64 hotel residences and 42 apartment residences and 13 Penthouses – for sale, owners can purchase either one or two-bedroom homes, ranging from 95 to 240 square metres of living space.

Combining the exclusivity of a private home with the service of a luxury hotel, The Chedi Residences have been stylishly designed to perfection by the renowned architect Jean-Michel Gathy – who has designed many luxury hotels including Marina Bay Sands and Capella Sanya – from DENNISTON architectural firm. All of The Chedi Residences are lavishly presented, combining traditional alpine living with contemporary design, showcasing the beautiful surroundings.

The Chedi Penthouses offer real estate investors fine living with the opportunity for owners to create their dream home in the Alps. Showcasing the highest calibre of quality, design and comfort, the Penthouses can be purchased as a core-shell and designers will work alongside owners to  shape the space to their needs and desires, with every aspect tailored to the individual or family.

TVM: Who is an ideal guest for The Chedi Andermatt- family, group of friends or solo backpackers?

Jean-Yves: The majority of our guests are aged between 35 and 45 years old and range from young families and couples to groups of friends who dedicate their leisure time to well-being experiences, for which the Chedi Andermatt is renowned and appreciated. The Chedi Andermatt caters to a wide variety of interests and needs of all our guests. As such, every guest will surely discover exactly what they were not aware they were looking for until now.

TVM: Could you share a bit more about the decision of rolling out digital currency acceptance at the property?

Jean-Yves: As the digital age continues to grow and cryptocurrency rises in demand, we wanted to embrace these advances and integrate them into our hotel operations. We’ve known for a while that digital payment have a future in hospitality and as one of the first Swiss luxury hotels to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum we wanted to lead the charge as luxury hospitality starts to fuse more and more with virtual currencies.

As a five-star luxury hotel, The Chedi Andermatt offers personalised service to guests not only at our hotel but within our private residences and so we wanted to ensure customers have the ability to choose how they pay for their stay – traditionally or via cryptocurrency.

We always strive to be a trendsetter; therefore we partnered up with Worldline to act as a pilot hotel for this still new payment system.

We’ve found so far that the guests who use this system differ a bit from our usual guests – and above all most other Swiss luxury hotel clients. They are younger (in their thirties) and very trend and technology conscious. For us these are the clients of the future.

TVM: Is it in line with the rise of cashless payments amidst the pandemic?

Jean-Yves: Yes, definitely. Providing the prerequisite that there is no risk of losses due to exchange rate fluctuations as well as ensuring safety for our end customers was fundamental for us. We are delighted to provide these conditions through our partnership with WL Crypto Payments. Especially in the current period, we are increasingly noticing how our customers appreciate our new cashless payment offer. Nevertheless the current situation in the world  is not the only reason why we were the first hotel in Switzerland to venture this step.

The Chedi Andermatt defines itself as a trendsetter in the Swiss luxury hotel industry and so we already thought about introducing cryptocurrencies years ago. With our vision, we are constantly on the lookout for attractive and new opportunities that will excite our clientele. And in this case, they have it one more time.

TVM: How has the pandemic affected The Chedi Andermatt?

Jean-Yves: Amazingly, in 2020 The Chedi Andermatt saw our best results since we opened in 2013 with year-round occupancy at the hotel and private apartments rising in 2020, with just 11 months of operation, from 54% to 69%. This was largely due to domestic travel with many Swiss guests looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities for a stay in the mountains.

We also found that a lot of our guests were working remotely whilst staying with us as the COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in flexible working arrangements. I have no doubt this will continue throughout 2022 and years to come.

TVM: How hopeful are you about travel and some normalcy for the sector in 2022?

Jean-Yves: In 2022, of course, travel as we all have experienced will develop further and adapt to the prevailing conditions. We are confident that international travel will be returning, although in a different way than before. Therefore we will be placing particular emphasis on staying abreast of the times and adapting to the market next year in order to offer our guests the Chedi experience.

In addition, the ever-increasing demand from the Swiss market is as always of great importance to The Chedi Andermatt.

TVM: How is the property aiming at encouraging and attracting Asian guests to come stay?

Jean-Yves: The Chedi Andermatt appeals to Asian visitors and real estate investors as it features Asian sophistication, coupled with local Swiss craftsmanship and Alpine chic. Offering a variety of both Swiss and Asian cuisine and Asian flavours, The Chedi Andermatt attracts those who are looking to immerse themselves in all that Switzerland has to offer, alongside some home comforts.

Over the last few years, travellers have become more discerning, and we’ve seen that Asian holidaymakers specifically have become increasingly interested in skiing, venturing to ski resorts all over the world. At The Chedi Andermatt we have Ski Butlers on hand to assist with skiiers – new starters or seasoned experts – to make sure that they enjoy discovering the slopes of Andermatt.

TVM: What should travellers expect during their holidays here in Andermatt? What are some of the main highlights and unique things to do here?

Maureen: As a year-round destination at Andermatt Swiss Alps we’re able to offer guests 365 days of adventures in nature, whether that be skiing or snowboarding in winter, playing golf or venturing on long, mountainous hikes in the summer months. The beautiful terrains in the mountains allow us to host a range of outdoor sports events and for the non-sporty person, we have whole host of state-of-the-art spa facilities at both The Chedi and Radisson Blu. Andermatt Swiss Alps also has its own state of the art Concert Hall that features an exciting line-up of talented young musicians kickstarting our culture season.

Abiding to social distancing guidelines, the hall was limited to 50 people in the COVID-19 peak here in Switzerland and we were offering benefits and special packages with hotels and private apartments. We’re thrilled that the number of allowed guests now is growing month per month.

Boasting a diverse dining scene featuring a collection of award-winning restaurants, authentic local haunts and the Michelin-starred The Japanese, Andermatt Swiss Alps caters to every guest offering fine cuisine and Swiss hospitality – up in the mountains or in the village.

Over the last year, we have continued to focus on our sustainable initiatives to protect and maintain our local surroundings and environment and we’ve implemented a variety of ongoing campaigns to ensure sustainable tourism and climate protection within the Andermatt region. One of our sustainable programs invites our residents and guests to partake in an annual Clean-Up Day.

 We are committed to significant levels of investment in Andermatt in the coming years including new hotels, leisure and retail facilities. More to come soon so watch this space!

Find out more at https://www.thechediandermatt.com/en/

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