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The Pearl Falco Holiday 2021 Collection is ‘A Little Merry, A Little Bright’

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Pearl FALCO recently announced the launch of yet another exciting collection this holiday season with a glamorous and luminescent selection of pieces that are reminiscent of the brand’s commitment to celebrations and festivities while being enveloped in familial love. Titled ‘A Little Merry, a Little Bright’, the Holiday 2021 Collection depicts the beauty of Akoya pearls and is bound to have you dreaming of a white Christmas.

Inspired by the winter, the bold, luxurious and sophisticated pieces in this collection introduce the wearer to a muted glamour. An exclusive combination of brilliance and perfection, the collection delves into the grace of fine pearls spanning over two themes that embody graceful femininity, ‘Radiant Snowflake’ which celebrates individuality along ‘The Muted Firecracker’ which is an ode to the festive spirit in the face of adversity.

Seeking inspiration from snowflakes, the Radiant Snowflake collection is the perfect celebration of the holiday season. Just as the world changes with snow, these pieces are reflective of change while reminding one of the comforts of home. The pearls settle on the wearer just as snow does with a classic tinge of added sophistication and luxury.

Brilliant round pearls are twined with sleek treasures in the form of glistening Akoya pearls that boast luminescence and inspiration. They appear to be delicately floating around, reminding us of the impeccable and unrivalled beauty of a white snowfall.

This collection also features beautiful and exquisite Baby Akoya Pearls which are exclusively available in Ise Shima. Tying old traditions with new memories, the use of Baby Akoya Pearls act as a stark reminder to celebrate and appreciate precious moments in order to create. Just as there has been a shortage of Akoya Pearls due to global warming, Akoya Pearls are celebrated in the Radiant Snowflake collection for their rarity as well as their sleekness.

A beautiful tribute to femininity, the Muted Firecracker collection is a celebration of striking elegance through beautiful aesthetics. As mesmerizing as a firework display is, the pieces in this collection are inspired by the spectacle of sudden, bright, and moving sparks. Entirely fuss-free, the classic infusion of color into the pieces creates an understated glamour that holds true to Pearl FALCO’s vision.

Showcasing the beauty of a lit sky, this collection celebrates what has passed and welcomes what is yet to be. Regardless of the wearer’s holiday plans, these pearls would complement any outfit and remind the wearer that indeed, the best is yet to come.

The Holiday 2021 Collection will be available at the Pearl FALCO showroom located at 33 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238977.

For more information, visit https://www.pearlfalco.com/.

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