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Introducing Balanced Living’s LIVE WELL 10

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Celebrating ten years of championing holistic health in Singapore, Balanced Living has created a 10-day gut healing makeover to authentically kickstart the health journey, starting from the inside-out.

The introductory programme helps participants better understand their gut and overall health, lowering inflammation in the body and setting them up for long-term, sustainable and vibrant health.

Sessions with a Top Health Expert from Balanced Living’s Clinic of Practitioners

LIVE WELL 10 starts with a one-hour, in-depth session with one of the Balanced Living Clinic’s leading in-house healthcare practitioners, Toni Baker. With a multitude of health diplomas from Advanced Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Toni is an internationally recognised Functional Medicine Practitioner. She uses a combination of diagnostic testing, medical and lifestyle history, dietary and lifestyle changes to support each of her clients’ individual health journeys.

Balanced Living Clinic’s leading in-house healthcare practitioner Toni Baker

Toni will also be available via Whatsapp for the whole ten days to provide support and guidance during the LIVE WELL 10 journey and answer any questions. The programme will be rounded off with a 30-minute check-in with Toni to ensure you are ready to sustain your health goals and lifestyle changes moving forward, including advice on supplements or extra diagnostic testing.

6-day Meal Plan along with Balanced Living’s Revered Recipes

The 6-day meal plan was conceptualised by Balanced Living owner Emma Paris and Nutritional Health Expert Toni Baker to rest, restore and heal the gut. The twice-daily meals are packed full of sustainable, nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients – with local products used where possible. Also included is a booklet with in-depth educational information about gut health, a plan to see you through the 10 days, lifestyle tips to support you and The Living Cafe’s much sought after recipes that can be used for the other four days, inspiring participants to cook nutritious food at home.

Understanding that many people have busy lifestyles, the 6-day meal plan can be selected at any time during the LIVE WELL 10 day programme, such as the first 6 days or even every other day.

For those that enjoy the convenience of home-delivered meal plans, they can add on extra one-week gut health meal plans to continue their regime beyond the programme. The recipe booklet is packed full of information as well as tips and advice on having a proactive approach to living well.

The Living Café and Pantry Products

Part of the Balanced Living wellness centre, The Living Café is known as Singapore’s original destination for the best healthy, raw food and plant-based dishes. The café was recently renovated to combine and elevate their retail offering, which sells their house-made ‘Pantry’ products, as well as enriching the dine-in experience and creating a farmer’s market vibe. Sustainable, earthy and local materials were used in the renovation with a nod to Singapore’s past, such as a central, long communal table using repurposed wood from the pier of the old Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Also included in LIVE WELL 10 is a $50 voucher to spend on The Living Café’ pantry items to make it that little bit easier. Highlights include sauces and dressings such as freshly made vegan pesto and a creamy tahini to a range of low sugar, non-alcoholic beers and wines and superfood blends to enhance the nutritional value of your food.

Epic Water to Hydrate

Staying hydrated in any health plan is highly important — our bodies are made up of over 60% water so need regular watering, especially in hot climates. To properly assist with detoxifying the body, it’s essential to drink pure clean water, as tap water in Singapore contains high amounts of chlorine and fluoride, which plays havoc with gut health, significantly impacting all the good bacteria. Included in the LIVE WELL 10 programme is one Epic Water bottle which boasts a world-class filtration system that removes 99.9% of known tap water contaminants, allowing you to drink pure, clean water 24/7 wherever you go.

The 10-day LIVE WELL 10 programme pried at S$695includes:

  • A one-hour personal session with Toni Baker, Naturopath
  • 6-day Gut Makeover Meal Plan from The Living Café delivered to your home
  • A ‘Gut Makeover Plan’ and recipe booklet to support your journey
  • $50 Vouchers to spend on The Living Café pantry items
  • 1 Epic Water Filter bottle
  • Whatsapp support during the 10 days
  • 30-minute zoom or phone session with Toni Baker at the end

Extra one-week Gut Health Meal Plans are priced at SIN$300 per week with a 10% for those who have previously been on the programme. For more info, visit https://www.balancedlivingasia.com/pages/live-well-10 and book your plan here.

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