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We discuss postpartum, puberty and more with Schöne mama Singapore Founder and CEO Veronica Ni

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Schöne mama, the first postpartum recovery and health management agency in Singapore with the most extensive and comprehensive suite of professional treatments focusing on nurturing and balancing the wellness of women’s internal and intimate health using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern technology.

With their latest and third outlet in SingPost CentreSchöne mama provides health assessments, support, and guidance for women during their pre and the postpartum period. For mothers who had recently delivered, Schöne mama provides postpartum condition recuperation treatments, while mothers with older children are offered sub-health body constitution management, to feminine wellness maintenance with two different breast massages that cater to both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding mothers’ needs! 

Over an email interview, Founder and CEO of Schöne mama Singapore Veronica Ni shared about her inspirations, journey so far and more with The Vent Machine.


TVM: I understand that as a mother of two when you were seeking a place to treat issues like mastitis and block duct issues, you couldn’t find such services here in Singapore. Can you share a bit more about the postpartum recovery struggles that inspired you to launch Schöne mama eventually?

Veronica: I gave birth to my first daughter back in 2016 and I suffered from mastitis and blocked duct issues. I engaged lactation consultants and home service massage services but I still faced the same issue after the session. However, when I went back to Shanghai to visit my relatives and family, I visited Schönemama and managed to resolve my issues.

I realised that I couldn’t find the right treatment centres in Singapore that targeted such conditions. There was a huge difference in postpartum services between both countries and that was the kick start of my aspiration to provide better care and a postpartum recovery centre focused on the well-being of the recovery of mums.

TVM: What were some of the key differences that you noticed between the postpartum care services here as compared to those in China?

Veronica: Postpartum services in Singapore mainly uses Jamu massage techniques, which typically uses Javanese traditional treatments that involves massaging the body with specific herbs, oils and hot stones to improve circulation, whereas in Schöne mama we focus on the woman’s overall body condition and recuperation after birth, not only just massages and improving blood circulation. It is a professional holistic approach based on the effective use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and scientific technology to provide targeted treatments to the areas of concern.

Our treatments are not based on relaxation basis but based on providing solutions to improve and solve the body’s existing conditions. We strongly believe that healthy inner beauty surpasses any form of beauty. If a woman is healthy internally, the glow of beauty will naturally radiate from within.

TVM: Since the launch in 2016, Schöne mama has opened two more outlets, under your guidance. Were you expecting this kind of response? What is it about Schöne mama that attracts new mums the most?


Veronica: It was in fact part of our expansion plans to have more outlets opened in Singapore. Judging from the many positive responses and feedback we have been receiving from our customers especially from mothers who have pre and post-natal concerns, we wanted to have more outlets to cater to this growing community of mothers who have similar needs as me and was not able to find one that could provide solutions to their problems.

As a mother of two, personally, I saw the necessary need for TCM pre and postnatal care. It is an essential experience where many are still not accustomed to or even realise the need for it. The benefits and subsequent care that comes with it definitely enhances the overall positive experience of pregnancy and motherhood regardless if you are a first-time mum or not.

TVM: I understand that your treatments aim to provide women as young as those who have just begun their puberty, all the way to those who have children in their grownup years. Could you walk us through this in detail?

Veronica: We have treatments that target females in different stages of their womanhood journey. Our treatments are all TCM related and we hope to help all females through their puberty and hormone transformation period through physical conditioning to better prepare them mentally and physically in life and especially when they reach motherhood, the body needs to be in good condition to provide the best possible experience for both the baby and mother.

TVM: What are some of your signature treatments for young girls in the age of puberty?

Veronica: For young girls, we strongly encourage them to do our physical conditioning treatment for a good foundation. We use our massage techniques with Schöne mama exclusive products to balance the visceral organs for the movement of qi, quickening of the blood, warm meridians, relieving pain, strengthening body resistance, securing root essence, and regulating the yin-yang balance in the body.

TVM: What are your most popular postpartum treatments and why do you think women choose these treatments?

Veronica: Our signature and award-winning treatment is the Breast Lactation Massage, which is a go-to for mothers who are facing issues such as blocked ducts, mastitis and engorgement, etc. Often, breastfeeding mothers seek to increase their supply as they hope to provide the best for their babies. This treatment uses unique massage techniques to improve blood circulation, relieve discomforts in the breasts and increase milk supply significantly though results may vary with individuals.

TVM: Schöne mama, founded in 2005, is China’s first postpartum recovery and health management agency and now has nearly 500 chain centres worldwide and have helped more than 2 million mothers worldwide. How challenging was it for you to bring this behemoth brand to Singapore and how did you cope?

Veronica: My biggest difficulty would be at the beginning of becoming a business owner. It was hard becoming an entrepreneur in the line of a pre and postnatal healthcare centre. Despite having faith that it would be beneficial for mothers, it was a challenge because this concept is very new in Singapore.

People are more inclined to turn towards something they are more familiar with, such as Jamu massage as compared to trying out something new, so the initial beginning was the toughest journey. To tackle that challenge, we angled Schöne mama as a health recuperation centre and slowly educated mummies about what Schöne mama is all about and the importance of postpartum recovery.

TVM: What message would you give to women and young girls out there- how important prepartum, postpartum and general healthcare for women?

Veronica: We want to educate all women out there about the importance of maintaining a good physical and inner body condition to prepare for motherhood. Even with the hormonal changes of the body where women experience monthly menstruation, it is also important that we pay attention to any changes in the body during this period to minimise discomforts such as bloating, cramps etc and live life to the fullest.


For mothers, the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in the 180 days Golden Recovery Period, which is very important for postnatal women to recuperate from childbirth to allow their body to repair and recondition oneself and it is believed that giving birth is a rebirth and a second chance for the body to reset one’s system.

To be able to keep up with our children throughout their growth and to keep fit, it is very important to take good care of ourselves first. I would love for Singapore women to place more importance on self-care during pre and post-partum stages and maintain the general wellness of the body for a better quality of life.

To learn more about Schöne mama Singapore, visit http://www.schonemama.com.sg

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