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Take your kids out skating this Olympic Season with Decathlon


As we move slowly and surely towards the long-awaited Tokyo Olympics, one thing we can’t miss is the addition of skateboarding as a recognised sport in the upcoming games! The history of skateboarding has come a long way, with more people recognising it as a legitimate sport, especially with its inclusion in this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

What’s more interesting is that many of these Olympic skateboarders are really young — primary to secondary school age! Some pro-skateboarders representing their countries in the 2021 Olympics are as young as 12 years old, like Sky Brown from Great Britain and Kokona Hiraki from Japan.

Skateboarding helps develop mobility and balance in kids while also keeps kids fit and active. In the last year, Decathlon has seen more parents encouraging their kids (both girls and boys) to learn skateboarding too! Late last year, Decathlon Singapore rolled out kids’ skateboarding classes that have since received over 100 sign-ups, with most classes being booked out. Children as young as 4.5 years old were enrolled in the classes as well. While the classes have been halted due to COVID-19, it is definitely a new trend that has been growing. 

Decathlon has also seen a spike in skateboard related purchases including child-sized skateboards that start at $35.00. In 2020, Decathlon saw an almost 30% year-on-year increase in skateboard related purchases.

In fact, skateboarding has also been added to this year’s Decathlon Sports Festival 2021. The 5-Landmark Wheeled Sport Challenge is one of the ten challenges available at this nationwide virtual sports carnival organised in collaboration with Sport Singapore.

Designed to encourage Singaporeans to discover and try out new sports, registrations are now open here. Do note that the minimum age to take part is 10 years old. Sign-ups close 23 July 2021, so don’t hesitate to register now! 

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