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A mother who does it all – Meet Sherrie Han, founder of The Eliana Timekeeper

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Turning her passion into a start-up, Singaporean lawyer, mother and entrepreneur Sherrie Han launched The Eliana Timekeeper with a limited-edition first collection of women’s mechanical watches earlier this year. With a lifelong love and sentimental appreciation for watches, Sherrie became increasingly fascinated with the movement of mechanical self-winding watches and eventually began taking them apart to learn more. Amazed at the magic of the hundreds of intricate gears working together at a watch servicing workshop, Sherrie’s interest was piqued, and she began dreaming of launching her own mechanical watch company.

In today’s increasingly digital age where the beauty and history of mechanical watches seem almost anachronistic, Sherrie wasn’t satisfied with the women’s mechanical watches on the market. Compared with the beautiful intricacy and nostalgia of self-winding mechanical watches, powered simply by the motion of the wearer’s wrist, the alternative of battery-powered quartz watches seemed overly simple – merely accessories. There were hardly any options that matched the intrigue of men’s mechanical watches at a reasonable price point.

Often told, “women can’t appreciate mechanical watches” or that “women can wear men’s’ watches”, Sherrie was determined to create something special for women that would have more substance – a women’s mechanical watch that would exude timeless, understated elegance. Evidently, she was not alone in her pursuit of something different – her first watch collection was fully crowdfunded on Kickstarter within a few days.

“I relished the opportunity to create a new kind of women’s mechanical watch but was also aware of the challenges that come along with creating something completely different in a well-established industry”, says Sherrie. “With The Eliana Timekeeper, we want to challenge current perceptions of mechanical watches as old, ugly and expensive and to build a community of empowered women who are looking for more than just a pretty accessory when it comes to watches.”

Sherrie wanted to create sophisticated, classic designs with a tasteful aesthetic that could stand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from history, clocks, and vintage jewellery while thoughtfully merging different textures and colours, the inaugural Twilight Glint collection blends old-world and modern charm. Notable vintage features include coin-edged grooves around the bezel, and a linen dial taking inspiration from vintage men’s watches in the 1970s and 1980s. These details combine seamlessly with contemporary touches such as a clear case back and cut- out on the watch face to show off the beautifully complex heart and soul of the watch with hundreds of gears moving together as one.

The Eliana Timekeeper launched with three designs in the limited-edition Twilight Glint collection – the Silver, the Rosegold and the Linen. Each watch comes with the choice of a dual-toned stainless-steel strap with butterfly buckle or Italian calf leather strap, offering further versatility to the designs. Inspired by stars in a dark night sky, the void-black watch face comes alive with sparkling Swarovski time- markers. Each watch is individually numbered and exclusive to the first collection.

Affectionately named after Sherrie’s firstborn daughter, The Eliana Timekeeper alludes to the timeless quality of mechanical watches and how each watch is built to last. One of the smallest mechanical (self-winding) watches on the market, the watches are designed to be sleek enough to complement daily living, with a 28mm diameter case and 14 mm band. Fancy enough to wear to formal functions and reliable enough to last a lifetime, the versatile designs easily take the modern women from the living room to the board room.

By partnering with the same suppliers as luxury brands and having a simplified supply chain, The Eliana Timekeeper’s premium watches are kept affordable for the modern woman with prices starting at S$580. 

Visit https://www.elianatimekeeper.com/ to find out more.

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