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Chef Janice Wong steps into feel-good territory with new Keto & Plant-Based desserts at 2am: dessertbar

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Renowned chef and artist Janice Wong, best known for her progressive and boundary-pushing creations that have been redefining the dessert experience at 2am: dessertbar, is about to do it again. This time—for the first time ever, and with all that’s going on in the world—chef Janice is heading into feel-good territory with a new range of keto-friendly and plant-based offerings that are simple and approachable, featuring comfort classics such as cakes, ice-creams, truffles and pastries in familiar flavours that are well-loved by most Singaporeans.

“We’ve done well adapting to the challenges the pandemic has posed so far, but lifestyles and tastes are shifting with the changing world and diners are increasingly conscious of the food they eat and how it affects their body and the environment. This menu is less of a departure but more of an evolution, where the same creative streak lies in finding ways to make desserts that taste good, feel good,” shares Chef Janice.

The menu comprises eight keto-friendly desserts with net carbs ranging from 5g to 20g allowing for the guilt-free indulgence of treats such as Matcha Basque Cheesecake (S$9/60) Lemon Pound Cake (S$6/35), Banana Chocolate Cake (S$4/22) and Coconut Passionfruit Chocolate Truffles (S$12); and four plant-based desserts vegans can now enjoy such as Sticky Date Pudding (S$9/45) Cinnamon Roll (S$20) and Roasted Banana Ice Cream (S$5.50). The entire menu also offers options addressing a broad range of dietary needs including gluten, dairy and nut allergies.

Wherein the infamous intricacy of her fine-dining creations now lies in finding new ingredients to recreate the right amount of richness and sweetness, as well as the textures that are expected of classic desserts put out by the 2am: dessertbar brand. With flour, sugar, butter and milk as the cornerstones of baking—yet scant in any keto or vegan diet—chef Janice cleverly employs varying ratios of almond and coconut flour; sugar substitutes such as monkfruit sweetener, maltitol, stevia and erythritol; vegan butter; and plant-based milk made from almond, cashew, coconut and oat in the recipes. 100% Cocoa West Africa origin Theobroma beans are used to recreate chocolate desserts with rich intensity.

“Just as every dish I’ve plated in 2am: dessertbar since 2007, the recipes in this new range have been carefully researched and toiled over so that whether you’re keto, vegan or simply want to have the option to eat better, we created these desserts so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on anything.”

The Keto & Plant-Based Menu was launched on 4 June 2021 on 2am: dessertbar’s website for take-out and islandwide delivery on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as on third-party platforms such as GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. The full menu will be available for dine-in upon lifting of restrictions.

For more information, please visit http://www.2amdessertbar.com.

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