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Warm the cockles of your mom’s heart with these Mother’s Day gifts on Shopee!

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Watch your mother tear up with these amazing gifts we’ve picked out for Mother’s Day! Alright, jokes aside, it’s definitely a good time to show some appreciation to the woman who has dedicated her life to bringing you up. Shopee is here to help: shop from our wide selection of gifts from 24 Apr to 9 May and present mom with a big ta-da!

Here are some of the key highlights to look out for:

  1. Mother’s Day Ultimate Gift Guide (22 Apr – 1 May)
  1. Mother’s Day Celebration Essentials (22 Apr – 1 May)
  1. What Moms Really Want (2 – 7 May)
  1. Mother’s Day Last Minute Gifting (2 – 7 May)
  1. More Mother’s Day Treats (6 to 10 May) 

Mother’s Day is drawing ever nearer and time is running out! Check out amazing last-minute (but fantastic) gift options for mom on Shopee that will warm your mother’s heart in an instant. 

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