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FRISO and Maison Q collaborate on Good Sleep, Good Poop Campaign advocating good gut health in children


FRISO recently launched a nationwide Good Sleep, Good Poop campaign to urge parents to take a more proactive approach to help their children achieve good poop through better sleep. The centrepiece of the campaign is a unique collaboration with homegrown kidswear label Maison Q. The brands came together to release FRISO x Maison Q limited-edition sleepwear, aimed at helping parents start a conversation with their children about the importance of good gut health.

Suhana Ab, Founder and Creative Director at Maison Q said: “As a parent myself, good gut health and quality sleep are two key things that I want for my children. When Friso invited us to translate this in a fun and tongue-in-cheek manner, we were more than happy to get on board. In creating this print, we put a lot of thought into what would make it easy for parents to have open conversations about poop and why it matters. Fashion and design have a wonderful way of making things simpler to understand, and at the same time making them aesthetically beautiful.”

Launched to coincide with World Sleep Day, the Good Sleep, Good Poop campaign extends FRISO’s commitment to promoting awareness around the importance of good gut health in young children. Last year, FRISO began its nationwide movement for good digestion with the convening of Singapore’s first-ever FRISO Good Poop Advisory Panel.

The panel returned this year helmed by David Naidu, General Manager, FrieslandCampina Singapore, and featuring guest experts such as Dr Petrina Wong, Consultant Pediatrician (Respiratory and Sleep), together with mothers and local entrepreneurs Suhana Ab of Maison Q, and Sharon Wong of motherswork. The panellists advocated for a holistic, informed approach in managing children’s digestive health – from educating parents on understanding food sources to helping them make the right lifestyle choices.

“Good poop is the most obvious indicator of good gut health in young children. By empowering Singaporean parents with the right knowledge, FRISO hopes to help more children achieve good poop via good nutrition and lifestyle habits,” said David Naidu, General Manager at FrieslandCampina Singapore. “Studies have shown that good sleep positively correlates with good gut health. A healthy digestive system helps children absorb the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy kids. Together with our fellow panellists this World Sleep Day, we’re excited to continue advocating for good digestion in children – this time by raising awareness of the connection between sleep and digestion.”

The Good Sleep, Good Poop Connection: A two-way street

Good digestion is necessary to break down food into nutrients and for the absorption of protein, which helps in tissue building and growth. The gut also produces 95% of the body’s serotonin, a key hormone that helps regulate emotions and sleep. As a result, children are able to sleep better when they have good digestive health, but not only that: research further indicates that the relationship between good sleep and good poop is a two-way street. 

“It may not be intuitive for parents to connect good digestion with good sleep, but good sleep has proven to be positively correlated with more diverse gut microbiome – the “good” bacteria in your gut,” said Dr Petrina Wong, Consultant Paediatrician (Respiratory & Sleep) of SOG – Petrina Wong Clinic for Children Respiratory and Sleep. “These microorganisms play an important role in digestive, metabolic and immune functions, which in turn helps young children better regulate their sleep. By combining natural dietary choices with good lifestyle habits, parents can improve their children’s digestive health and overall well-being.”

FRISO x Maison Q Limited-edition Sleepwear: Available Soon at Retailers Nationwide

Parents can now view the FRISO x Maison Q limited-edition sleepwear on display at motherswork at Great World. The sleepwear, worth SGD129, will be redeemable exclusively with purchase of SGD200 worth of FRISO products at leading supermarkets and participating online stores from 1 April 2021*.

“Over years of interacting with mothers from all walks of life, I have heard their woes about their little ones’ digestive health,” said Sharon Wong, Founder & CEO of motherswork. “The various shapes, sizes and even textures of poop are a constant worry for parents. At motherswork, it is our mission to help parents achieve the very best for their children at every stage, and we are proud to join FRISO and Maison Q to advocate for good poop and good sleep in young children. Good digestive health is an important foundation for nurturing happy, healthy kids, and we want to enable mothers to achieve this for their children.”

For more information, follow the #GoodPoopMattersBaby conversation on InstagramFacebook and FRISO’s website. Spread the word on the importance of good digestive health through updated FRISO Good Poop Matters, Baby! WhatsAppand Telegram sticker packs, featuring three adorable champions of good poop – Super Pooper, Gutsy Gal and Poopoo Power.

*The FRISO x Maison Q limited-edition sleepwear worth SGD129 will be available from 1 April to 31 May 2021, while stocks last, with a minimum SGD200 spend on valid FRISO Gold products^ in store or online from leading supermarkets and key retailers such as motherswork. Receipts can be combined for purchases during the promotion period, 1 April to 31 May 2021. ^Excludes all infant formula and follow-on formula products for 0-12 months. T&Cs may apply.

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