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EtonHouse has launched a new website to help parents select the best-fit school for their child

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The EtonHouse International Education Group is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned and rebranded website at ​www.etonhouse.edu.sg​.

The website has a streamlined and simplified design architecture, improved navigation, and functionalities to help parents make an informed decision for their child’s schooling. You can now reach a specific campus website with a single click.

It also features a parenting section with blogs, podcasts, videos, e-books, and a host of useful materials to support families on their parenting journey. Their popular e-books include ‘mindful parenting’ and ‘parenting 101’.

Users can access specific information on an EtonHouse campus and book a tour through the website on their computer or mobile devices as the website is mobile responsive. It provides comprehensive information about our approach, curricula, and the different programmes offered.

To help parents understand the difference between the various EtonHouse campuses and enable them to select the best-fit campus for their child, a new ‘Compare School‘ function has been added that allows parents to compare and understand each school’s uniqueness.

The tool also offers a glance at each school’s characteristics, such as the age group that it caters for, academic calendar, type of curriculum, school hours, and school fees.

They have launched a new domain etonhouse.edu.sg (instead of etonhouse.com.sg) that houses all the individual school websites.

The respective school websites are accessed directly using etonhouse.edu.sg/orchard, etonhouse.edu.sg/claymore. or from etonhouse.edu.sg

Mr Ng Yi Xian, Executive Director of EtonHouse, said, “Our website is often the first point of interaction with our parents, especially for those who are not in Singapore. Before we embarked on the revamp, we conducted focus group sessions and usability testing with existing and prospective parents to understand their expectations from the website and ensure that the navigation is intuitive and the look and feel connects with them.”

“Our new website is based on extensive feedback from families and best practice on user interface design and website development. You now have a modern and intuitive website that showcases the heart and soul of our schools,” he added.

The EtonHouse International Education Group is headquartered in Singapore with more than 120 international schools in 12 countries.

Together these schools provide high-quality education to over 12,000 children globally. Over the last 25 years, EtonHouse has been at the forefront of international education offering innovative preschools and K-12 schools across Asia. In China, it has over 50 schools.

To learn more about EtonHouse, log on to ​www.etonhouse.edu.sg​.

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