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Five Rachel Green outfits that are still in style in 2020

Five Rachel Green outfits that are still in style in 2020
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From leather jackets to dungarees to denim and flannel shirts, 90’s fashion has certainly made into the trending list of 2020. The iconic looks of our youth are linked to the simple, fun life we led in the ‘good-old-days.’ Along with the carefree living with zero social media anxiety, the ’90s was also the era of the path-breaking show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

The world was hooked and a bit too invested in these 6 oddballs who were navigating the highs and lows of life in New York. And Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, became every teenager’s fashion icon. Her style and charisma charmed everyone, and her outfits are still the hottest grabs at the stores. 

Rachel Green represents the 90’s fashion era that never goes out of style, and we can see why.

Slip Dresses

These simple, elegant were Rachel’s go-to outfits for almost every occasion. Be it a casual night out with her friends or a sophisticated date, she always had the perfect slip dress ready for any event. I would love to be the one to announce that these dresses are back in fashion, but honestly, they never really went out. From Lili Reinhart to Kylie Minogue, celebrities have been rocking them on red carpets and premiers for years now.


Once considered juvenile, they became everyone’s comfort favourite when Rachel Green was seen sporting them around her apartment. Completing the denim overall look with a tank top and white sneakers Rachel created an ensemble that, to this day, we can’t get enough of. Maybe not on red carpets, and social events, but the likes of Taylor Swift and Heidi Klum have been spotted giving this classic look their own spin. 

Denim vests and jackets

Rachel Green loved her denim jackets and vests and so did we. She made these denim delights so cool amongst the budding fashion lovers of the ’90s that we still can’t get enough of them. Don’t believe me? Ask Kate Hudson, or Jessica Alba, or our very own royalty, Meghan Markle, and they will swear by the denim, every time.  

Knee-high boots

Her mini skirts and knee-high boots are an iconic look that we can’t stop ourselves from replicating, even today. As long as it is not a dressy ball or a formal meeting, this outfit is a perfect go-to choice for almost any event. Hilary Duff has been doing that for a while now, so are fashionistas like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus. 

Maxi skirt

In a ‘what-if’ episode of Friends where the characters lead an alternate life, Rachel Green sports a timeless, chic, white maxi skirt and we collectively lost our minds. She mesmerized the audience with her radiant ensemble, looking out of this world in that figure-hugging skirt. They don’t even need a push, maxi skirts have been, and they will always be a crowd favourite, no cap! The list of celebrities that have rocked these skirts in their own styles is very long, with Rihanna and Kendall Jenner leading the charge. 

Along with being a trendsetter and true fashion icon, Rachel Green has been a beacon of hope and perseverance for every girl that got to know her. She went from being a sheltered heiress to a strong, independent woman who broke out of her comfortable shell and took complete control of her life.

She made tough choices, worked hard, fought temptations, discovered who she really was and what can she become and chased after it. We saw her become a caring, single mother and a trusted friend, we saw her change and evolve and grow and we fell in love with her over and over again, every season.

I had Phoebe-flavoured F.R.I.E.N.D.SPuccino at Asia’s Only Central Perk Cafe

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