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Surviving the damaging “Positivity Trend” during a global pandemic

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Social media has really done a number on our psyche with the “positivity trend” during this lockdown. There are around 50 million #positivevibes posts on Instagram alone! On a daily basis, we are bombarded with pictures and videos of people cooking Michelin star meals, painting a Picasso in their bedroom, or reciting poetry in French, and don’t even get me started on the #homeworkout– a bit too much, honestly (4.5 million posts to be precise)!

These hyper-positive posts have got us feeling restless and anxious. Instead of just surviving this pandemic, we are pressured into believing that if we don’t use this time to everything we ever wanted to do, we would be wasting it all. And, the self-help advocates and motivational Instagrammers are not helping either. They are constantly reminding us to do something or the other, start a side hustle, learn something new.

Now, I am not saying that it is not good advice– being productive is amazing, but we should understand that not everyone is the same. There are a lot of us who are not learning 10 skills a day, who are more focused on just surviving this 4th hour. For those of you who are feeling the same way, don’t worry, you are not alone. 

Not everyone’s happiness is tied to doing more, for some, it’s just additional stress that they could do without. So, maybe it’s time for the adrenaline-pumped flag bearers of positivity to take a step back, breathe, and let the others relax!

Take care of your health

The most important thing right now is to stay healthy and safe. Nothing is more important than that, nothing beats being virus-free. If all you focus upon is the safety of you and your loved ones, it is enough, you are doing lockdown right, believe in that. 

Do what you can

Stop waking up stressing about your ‘to-achieve’ list. You do not have to finish 7 books in the next 7 days. Just do what you really want to do, and can do, and that is enough. A task as simple as making your bed in the morning is good enough. Whatever makes you calm and happy, just do that, and if that includes binging your favourite Netflix show instead of baking cupcakes, then so be it. You do you.

Focus on the now

See, to be honest, the future right now is unpredictable. Right now, it is the perfect time to remind oneself of the quote, “Do not let what is out of your control interfere with all the things you can control.” So just, take stock of what you have, right in front of you, and accept it. You cannot control how things will turn out in the future, but you can control what you will do right now. So, do that. 

Talk to people

Talking to friends and family always helps, if you are feeling anxious, or low, just have a conversation with someone who is close to you. Chances are they might be feeling the same pressure as you and failing to express it. You would not just be uplifting your mood but also that of your loved one, and nothing feels better than that.

This time, it is yours, if you spend it the way you want to, you will be doing it right. You are the one who is in control of your emotions and feelings, no one else. So, take charge, don’t let this positivity trend bring out the negative in you. You find your own positive and just roll with that.  



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