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Tiger Beer pledges S$1 million to support local F&B and rallies consumers to #SupportOurStreets

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Tiger calls on Singaporeans to contribute to the ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative in a bid to raise a collective $1.3 million

Tiger, home-grown beer brand and Asia’s number one international premium beer, recently launched the #SupportOurStreets regional initiative in Singapore. The campaign aims to help local F&B community such as coffee shops, food courts, bars, pubs and restaurants tide through the unprecedented challenges from the impact of COVID-19.

Commenting on this announcement, Andy Hewson, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore said, “Tiger was born on the streets of Singapore. Without the streets and our famous F&B outlets, there would not be Tiger. As the beer of Singapore, we have strong roots in the community and have weathered many storms together with generations of Singaporeans. We want to do our part to help our local F&B partners revive faster until they can thrive again. #SupportOurStreets is our pledge and the initiatives will provide a tangible means for us to come together with consumers in a bid to raise over S$1.3 million to support our local F&B community.”

Since the outbreak, the F&B industry has been amongst the most badly affected with some expecting as much as an 80% revenue loss. In a recent survey conducted among the #savefnbsg coalition, 88% of restaurants indicated that they may not be able to survive April without assistance.

This means our food culture and heritage is under threat, along with many iconic eateries and timeless neighbourhood coffee shops, bars or pubs which may not weather this storm. More importantly, the livelihoods of over 220,000 people and their families supported by over 18,000 local F&B establishments are at stake unless Singaporeans, who typically spend over $19 billion each year on food and beverages, come together to support the local F&B community. Tiger has made it easy, fast and meaningful through the ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative to #SupportOurStreets.

Joseph Ong, President of Singapore’s Nightlife Business Association said, “We greatly appreciate the support by Tiger Beer with the launch of this initiative. The entire F&B industry is hurting at the moment, the bars and clubs industry even more so. We will be extremely thankful for our customers’ support now and when we re-open for business at the end of this trying period.”

Launch of ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative

Running from now till 31 May 2020, consumers can support their favourite local F&B community by going to Tiger’s website to make a $10 contribution. There is no limit to the number of times consumers may make a contribution. Each week, the contributions are collated and all proceeds will go directly to the F&B community.

Standing in solidarity with the community, Tiger will kick start the fund with a $100,000 contribution. Together with the collective contribution from Singaporeans through the ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative, every small gesture can make a big difference and temporarily buffer the impact of the crisis. This is an unprecedented time where every bit of help matters and counts.

In addition, Tiger also pledged to contribute up to $600,000 worth in beer product sponsorship to support the recovery of the F&B community. As a gesture of appreciation from Tiger, each contribution will entitle consumers to a digital drink voucher redeemable for two Tiger beers when the outlets resume operations to encourage footfall and support the outlets’ restart and revival.

Through the ‘Support Our Local F&B’ initiative, Tiger aims to raise an additional $300,000 in contributions from Singaporeans, which will go directly towards more than 430 participating F&B outlets with more joining in the weeks to come. In preparation to support the industry’s recovery, Tiger is also planning a care package to be rolled out when F&B partners restart their businesses again.

Singapore and Malaysia are the first countries in Asia Pacific region to launch the #SupportOurStreets regional campaign with markets including Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam set to roll out their activations over the next two weeks.

For more information about our upcoming initiatives, keep a lookout on Tiger’s Instagram and Facebook pages or check out these hashtags: #UncageYourTiger #TigerBeer #SupportOurStreets.

As part of continued safe distancing measures across the region, Tiger Beer would also like to urge everyone to stay off the streets to #SupportOurStreets.

How it works:

  1. Visit https://supportourfnb.tigerbeer.com.sg/ 
  2. Make a $10 contribution. All proceeds will go directly to participating F&B outlets
  3. Receive a digital drink voucher redeemable for two Tiger beers
  4. Enjoy your beers at a participating outlet when it reopens

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