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This expat became a peer leader in Singapore by using technology to build communities


I have spoken to almost more than fifty Indian wives who moved to Singapore after marriage because their husbands were working here. Most of these women had flourishing careers in India but after moving to SG, they all struggled- some are still struggling- to find their pace both professionally and personally. Living in a foreign country appears glamorous from a distance but it has its own set of challenges, and I can second that drawing from my personal experience. You don’t know anyone, your skill set might not be relevant here and because you are on a Dependent Pass, you are not allowed to take up a lot of full-time jobs.

One such woman who moved to Singapore some 13 years ago is Shub Bhide. When she came here her daughter was less than a year old. Being a new mom is not an easy task, and imagine doing it all by yourself in a totally new country. But, Shub managed, and she did well. However, she used to miss her family and friends who were all back in India.

Photo Credit- Srikanth G

So, she decided to start an Orkut group called ‘Indians in Singapore’, which in 2008 migrated to Facebook under the name ‘SINdiapore’. The objective was to create a platform where all expats could connect and communicate about parenting, how to buy a house here, where to find good Indian food etc. The FB group got an overwhelming response and grew up to have thousands of members in no time. Today, ‘Sindia’ has 20,000 + engaged members.

After getting an unexpected response on the FB group, Shub decided to start blogging about topics that she was always passionate about- parenting and lifestyle, and she started her blog page called Rainbow Diaries.

“The journey of RainbowDiaries started off with a simple account on Orkut, Friendster then Facebook leading to creating groups and page that now boast of having more than 20,000 members, followers and likes. Instagram followers of RainbowDiaries are more than 34,200.RainbowDiaries is a natural progression of all my social media adventures – created to explore the whole new and enchanting world of social media.”

An IT professional and a mother of two, Shub is an inspiration to many women here in Singapore today. She believes in using social media positively and for the benefit of society. To connect the moms of Singapore, she started a dedicated Facebook and Instagram community called ‘Social Media Mom SG’. Shub organises various get-together, meetings and events to encourage mompreneurs and stay-at-home moms living here in Singapore. 

I had the chance to attend one of the Social Media Mom SG events recently at Tastes of India where at least a hundred moms gathered to party, play and talk about their entrepreneurial journeys. I met Suparna Ghosh who sells Jamdaani sarees from her home shop, Akhila who is a saree and jewellery designer here, Arpita who is henna and makeup artist and Shamim who is a weight loss mentor and a travel consultant, among others. 

I first met Shub during a media event where we bonded within minutes. A charming personality with the zeal to bring people together, build a community and encourage women to pursue and achieve their goals, Shub is a delightful and inspiring woman. To know more about Shub and her work visit RainbowDiaries.

“I think being able to multitask and having the chance to create something positive and good using social media is what keeps me going. But of course, the support that I get from my husband and my kids is the most special and encouraging thing,” says Shub.


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