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Colder Within


Come, see these sprawling fields,

Moving rhythmically in dark

Come, feel those chilly breezes,

Brushing against the lark

In noiseless, brazen nights,

When there’s no soul in sight!

Come, let your eyes speak,

when world doesn’t listen

Let your heart feel,

When nobody’s smitten

When brain and heart fight,

And the pain rises like a bite!

Come, let us love those winters,

The snow, the chill

But there’s something that pinches inside,

And lessens the love for this snow and spill

I dwell in thoughts while others rejoice

My toungue rests, my eyes get a voice!

Come, see what hurts inside,

It’s not all starry and bright

Beside the warmth of fire and cheers of bells

This winter invokes agonies all night

Each year, it’s not all comfort there in,

Each year, I know it’s colder within!

Poem Submitted By Pinky Pandey

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