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“Ah, the smell of salt and sand. There is no elixir on this blessed earth like it.”

It’s a bright sunny morning in Pondicherry. My body seems like a total wreck from the hectic itinerary coupled with the unbearable heat of South India. But being a lover of the sea, I can never say no to beaches. A deep blue sea with a clear sky in sight and sand on feet are all I need to feel rejuvenated.


The minute I stepped out of the taxi, I kicked off my sandals and started to walk towards the shimmering waters of the Bay of Bengal. My feet are slightly taken aback by the heat oozing out from the pristine golden sands but I don’t even bother to let out a tweet. I take a look at the picturesque beach. I am overjoyed!

Serenity beach is fringed by lovely palm trees and beautiful creepers. A manually created lane of rocks which goes to some distance within the sea is an added beauty to this secluded and unusual beach. As the name suggests, this tranquil spot is scenic and blissful.

Surfing is very common on this beach. Food shacks, cafes and a nearby flea market are other major attractions. Fishermen boats and gears are spread all over the beach.  However, I preferred to just soak in the beauty of the sandy stretch, watch the magnificent waves and enjoy the serenity.


Boat House-Chunnambar is the gateway to Paradise beach. A 15-minute ferry ride is the only accessible way to Paradise beach. Can I be happier?

The lush green forest of mangroves on the river banks is a sight to behold during the boat ride. As the ferry was approaching closer to Paradise beach, I could see the dark blue water of the Chunnambar backwaters entering the sea. OH, MOTHER NATURE!

The moment I reached my destination, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A stretch of silver and golden sands with never-ending turquoise waters in sight, an array of little-thatched huts and the sound of the sea made me euphoric. I have never witnessed anything this alluring. I relaxed. I relished the view of crystal clear water. I let the water wash over me-it was a surreal feeling.

Eight hours later- My hair is a mess. My skin is tanned. My feet are covered in wet sand. My body is a mash of sweat and sand. But the big curve on my lip is unmissable.

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