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Teenage is the harbinger of maturity and grace

A stage when we are at the cusp of youth

Brimming with fresh energy and zeal to conquer the world

While Teens are the most confused and awkward species

They are shy and hesitant, embarrassed with strange physical changes

Struggling everyday with emotional imbalance and unexplained hormone issues

Teenage – the best phase and Teens – the most awkward;

Ironic, isn’t it?

About Post Author

Surabhi Pandey

A journalist by training, Surabhi is a writer and content consultant currently based in Singapore. She has over seven years of experience in journalistic and business writing, qualitative research, proofreading, copyediting and SEO. Working in different capacities as a freelancer, she produces both print and digital content and leads campaigns for a wide range of brands and organisations – covering topics ranging from technology to education and travel to lifestyle with a keen focus on the APAC region.
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