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Being Bad and Accepting It.


It is easy to play a facade, easier to talk about the good things one does; but being bad and accepting it is not everyone’s cup of tea. All of us do bad things. All of us have a darker side. All of us, at some point, lie, deceive, fake and trespass one or another civic boundary. Be it a simple lie said to stay away from office for a day or secretly having a crush on someone while already dating the love of our life – we have all been there done that.

I am nobody to comment on what is right and what is wrong. There is a black, a white and a grey area. But yes, I do acknowledge the fact that people who at least accept the bad they do, to themselves, deserve to be on a higher step in the social order. Being perfect is not possible (To Err is Human) but being honest to oneself is a choice that one can make. It makes me happy that at least I am aware of all the lines that I cross. I choose to cross them for the sake of my happiness. (I sound selfish but then who does not think about their interests primarily..Read with rolling eyes.) Sometimes, I do things which I know might not be right or say things which I should not and even expect people to accept me the way I am. ( I think I am broken! That is what the society would make of me, at least.) But then, at least I know and accept it.


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