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Moral Upgradation: Call of time

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“Another 5 year old raped by neighbour”

“Rape victim dies of tremor”

These are regular headlines

Biggest shame of the time



A tight slap on the face of our nation

Where ladies were regarded with devotion

The country of Goddesses

Is in a pathetic mess




Cases of rape and sexual assault, domestic violence and brutal acts

Are no more NEWS, but everyday facts

Followed by revolts and protests

But is this the solution? Let me assess




No is the answer according to me

Being a girl I personally feel

The anger, the revolts and the fight

Is at its place, well-justified




To bring about an ACTUAL CHANGE

Every man must be trained

With moral values and education

Of treating women as Homo sapiens





Pieces of glass, bottles and iron rods, are inserted in a female’s body!!

Is this where we are going? Shouldn’t this be dealt with priority??

Not the government, not the police, no one can stop this calamity

Until and unless, we as citizens take charge and check our morality




The police and other authorities can take action to punish

It is us with whose efforts this disgrace can completely vanish




The ongoing scenario is no more a political issue

It is completely societal, about what the society can do

Neither the rapists nor the officials are outsiders or aliens

These people are also a part of our society, few out of the millions




Moral up gradation is the call of time, to save our society

It is time for us to act; mankind is in a state of pity

He has to wake up, he has forgotten, that he is not meant

To do what he is doing, from other animals, he is different




He is a father who cares unconditionally to protect his innocent daughter

He is a brother, an iron man, a support to his sister

He is a husband who loves his wife and is a provider

Of trust, comfort, respect and care

He is not a predator!!



Moral up gradation is the call of time, to save our society

It is time for us to act; mankind is in a state of pity…

Mankind is in a state of pity!!



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