The ‘Not’ Social Media: Age of Distorted Connections

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PINKY PANDEY 'In our togetherness, castles are built', says an Irish proverb. Not stressing much on what it means, we all are acquainted with the idea of being together, being connected. The word 'connection' brings to our mind an immediate imagery of being in touch with our people while sharing our thick and thins. The... Continue Reading →

This State-level Silver Medalist in Yoga from Bihar is a Tabla Player and A Social Media Influencer

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Meet 21 year old Satyapal Kumar, a pass out from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (Kaimur) who is a multi-tasker to say the least. Satyapal is a state-level silver medalist in Yoga and a passionate tabla player. He is also a social media influencer. Satyapal belongs to Sasaram, which lies in the Rohtas district of Bihar. This... Continue Reading →

This Actor is Reaching Out To Masses Through His YouTube Channel

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Sometimes you can do everything right and the video might not get that much attention, and sometimes it works when you least expect it to. He says the true key is to remain consistent and keep trying. There is no fixed formula for going viral!

Chaos by Arunima Gururani

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Sometimes I feel trapped Like unsaid thoughts Chained to a body, Emotions that are meant to be screamed Are muffled and choked Under a thick blanket of society... I feel the world crumble Into pieces that don't fit And I feel myself become voiceless With every voice I hear and assist... I want to take... Continue Reading →

Goodbyes Are A Tradition Now

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I used to feel sad and emotional about goodbyes. Going from my In-Laws' to my Mom's, from my Husband's to my Father's or from my Brother's to my Grandparents' - every single goodbye is equally painful. Oxymoronically, it comes wrapped with a teeny tiny joy of seeing the next person, being in the next home... Continue Reading →

खिलौने और बचपन

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अक्सर घरों में बच्चों के लिए ढेर सारे सॉफ्ट टॉयज़ लाये जाते हैं | ये एक आम बात है | हमारे घर में भी काफी सारे सॉफ्ट टॉयज़ हैं लेकिन हमारे सन्दर्भ में इस बात के पीछे एक खासियत है और वो यह कि ये टॉयज़ किसी बच्चे के लिए नहीं बल्कि मेरी माँ के... Continue Reading →

When I Met YouTube Sensation Hirzi Zulkiflie, He Told Me His Success Secret

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I have been associated with panel discussions and lectures about creative writing, theatre, YouTubing and film-making in many ways - as an audience, a volunteer, a moderator, panelist and even speaker. From India to Singapore, I have met experts and heard them talk on various issues during these orchestrated events. Mostly, I am left disappointed... Continue Reading →

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