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If you’re dreading Monday already, Shopee’s here to brighten up your day with the 6.6 - 7.7 Great Shopee Sale!

ShopeePay brings shoppers greater convenience and unbeatable rewards at its first ShopeePay Day Sale

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Shopee connects shoppers, brands and sellers across Asia and other fast-growing markets, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere and at any time.

Shopee is launching six new beauty ranges in June and we can’t wait to try them all!

With this stubborn virus that just won't quit, lockdown fatigue is a real thing. It has become pertinent that we take care of ourselves and those around us. For me, self care is even more vital as I am three months postpartum and my mood swings are all over the place. I have found what... Continue Reading →

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