Other World

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Sometimes I go through my day Functioning on autopilot. I speak when I'm spoken to I respond with a nod or a smile Just enough to not seem absent. I'm sorry if I zoned out Sometimes it's impossible To get out of my world. Everything is perfect there Unlike the real one, here. Books float... Continue Reading →

‘The Love That Didn’t Last’ by Arunima

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Two steps ahead Then I fall back four. I get distracted often, But for how long? They're not you. I look for you In the eyes of other men Hoping to see someone Playing the piano By the moonlight Better than you did. I'm told it's wrong, I'm told to move on Yet here I... Continue Reading →

The Vent Machine Completes First Content Partnership Collaboration Successfully

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In just two months, The Vent Machine (TVM) proudly stands at 18K+ hits and has successfully completed the first official content  partnership collaboration with Whatashort Independent International Festival 2018.

For Those Who Wish to take The Road Less Taken

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Meet Rajesh Yadev (popular YouTuber and Actor - The Burning Brains), Juhi Garg (Co-founder ED Times) and Saurabh Singhal (Comedian and Voice Artist) during the WIIFF 2018 extravaganza on Day 2.

This Delhite Who Belongs to Uttarakhand is Keeping Bihar’s Traditional Art Alive

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Meet 24-year-old Jaya Dourbi, a Delhite from Uttarakhand who is keeping Bihar's traditional art form - the Madhubani Painting alive. 

Looking For The Light by Arunima

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This romanticization of the 'troubled genius' is something we need to let go of. No, it's not okay to suffer - it doesn't look cool. You're not supposed to suffer to make good art. In fact, the clearer your mind, the better the art.

घर से घर तक

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पच्चीस दिन बीत गए | सिंगापुर से दिल्ली, दिल्ली से छपरा, वहां से बेगूसराय, वहां से पटना और फिर दिल्ली - आज दिल्ली से सिंगापुर - ये बीता महीना काफ़ी इवेंटफ़ुल रहा | अपनों से मिली, उनके साथ वक़्त बिताया और नयी यादें बस्ते में बटोर कर ले जा रही | अपनी वेबसाइट के लिए... Continue Reading →

Chaos by Arunima Gururani

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Sometimes I feel trapped Like unsaid thoughts Chained to a body, Emotions that are meant to be screamed Are muffled and choked Under a thick blanket of society... I feel the world crumble Into pieces that don't fit And I feel myself become voiceless With every voice I hear and assist... I want to take... Continue Reading →

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