Is ‘Fair and Lovely’ really the problem?

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As long as the Indian culture will continue to shame people for who they are and the choices they make, there will be disgusting advertisements on television which will show women getting jobs only because of their skin tone rather than their talents.

Tracing the language of the pandemic

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Language is an ever-evolving body of work. New terms enter common parlance, especially in uncertain times, as we struggle to make sense of our changing social reality. A global coronavirus pandemic sows fear into people’s hearts and language serves as a conduit for communicating our collective response to the circumstance.  But think deeper. What do... Continue Reading →

The many colours of India, beyond brown

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India is the seventh-largest country in the world. We are white, black, brown, yellow, fair, dark, fairer, darker and so many other colours. We are not just brown. Just an FYI for the uninformed and prejudiced. Please look at some Indian faces for due reference:

What does a boiled egg look like?

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Trust me when I say that even Google does not entertain this question. Why? Well, be it an eggetarian or vegetarian all of us know what a boiled egg looks like. So when my cousin was subjected to this question by her pure vegetarian classmate, I knew it was not out of curiosity but out... Continue Reading →

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