A sad state of affairs

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Romanticising the poor and using the stories of the underprivileged is the new liberalism in India. Every left media's home page looks the same. From Dalits to migrants and Muslims-- I feel bad for each and every community because their stories are just being converted into clickbait articles to generate traffic. Their struggles have been... Continue Reading →

Why Indians, known for their warm hospitality, can sometimes be the worst tourists

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Did you know that the world-famous Everest base camp on the Chinese side is now closed to tourists? This is not because of inclement weather but due to the huge amounts of trash left around by tourists. We must bear with the Chinese Government as it carries a clean-up drive to free the beautiful landscape... Continue Reading →


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A week ago, I visited a friend who resides in Gurugram. That night it rained like cats and dogs, and ultimately her room was completely flooded. We woke up in horror looking at our drenched bodies and floating household items. We felt so miserable and helpless.  Finally, it took two whole days to straighten up... Continue Reading →

Jhabbanlal DAV SR. Sec School Starts An Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship Program Kenshō for Class XI Students

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Gone are the days when books, exams and weekly CCE activities were enough for a student's overall growth. With the advent of internet and the digital tide, job sectors have changed dynamically and so have the academic institutions. The shape of the Indian Education system has evolved in the past 10 years. We are living... Continue Reading →

High Commission of India in Singapore Gave Us A Happy Independence Day

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For us Indians living far away from our families and our motherland, it was a Happy Independence Day indeed. I thank the High Commission of India in Singapore for putting up such an amazing show and bringing us all together, for reminding us that we may not be in India as of now but that does not make us any less of Indians!

Independence Day, Sweet!

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Since my amazing readers are showing so much love to the Celebrate Freedom With Art Series, I decided to go a little extra mile for my peeps, so here is a sweet surprise. I got in touch with Chef Pankaj Singh who is currently stationed at the Grand Hyatt Dubai and he shared some inside pictures of awesome tricolor-themed dessert prepared specially for I-Day.

What does a boiled egg look like?

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Trust me when I say that even Google does not entertain this question. Why? Well, be it an eggetarian or vegetarian all of us know what a boiled egg looks like. So when my cousin was subjected to this question by her pure vegetarian classmate, I knew it was not out of curiosity but out... Continue Reading →

Tulja Sharma Sings A Melody of Compassion to Celebrate Freedom This Independence Day

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As we celebrate, the 72nd Independence Day of India, we feel obliged to celebrate this freedom with art; wherein music being an integral part of the Indian cultural scene. Tulja Sharma, a millennial musical artist based out of Delhi has a special message about how we must cherish the legacy of Independent India and strive to make it a better place with love and compassion.

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